F3, Phoenix

FWD 09/05/2017

September 5, 1990. On that day, my youngest sister was born. In 2017, she turned 27 years old. That’s absolutely insane.

Sorry, just needed a second to let that one sink in. Moving on.

So, I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but I ended up Q’ing four times in a span of 12 days. For the first Q (BO on Aug 24) I would give myself a 93% Q-score (out of 100, so 93 is pretty darn good). Second Q (BH on 8/31) got a Q-score of 68%. That was just a little too clustery, but still got a good sweat on, so it wasn’t a complete failure. The third Q (Labor Day Convergence on 9/4) received a Q-Score of 88%. Well planned, decently executed, but lost a few points for not being able to wrangle the 32 PAX as well as I could have.

So that left one last shot to do something to get that average into a solid “B” range.

Problem was that just like the night before the BH disaster Q, the 2.0 crushed my dreams of a good night of sleep yet again. This time I found myself awake at 2:45 pacing the hallways carrying his heavy little butt all around the house so he’d shut up and fall asleep. He’s only 22 pounds, but when you carry 22 extra pounds around for an hour, it starts to make you feel a certain type of way. (for example, like throwing that 22 pounds out the freaking window…)

(If you don’t know me well, I could see how that last line might be a little concerning. To clarify, I love my child very much and am blessed to be his father. He’s the light of my world and I’d do anything for him.

But there are times when…

Never mind. I think you know what I’m thinking.)

BUT, after the BH disaster Q, I had written out some ideas and put them in the center console of my car to help in situations such as this one. See, I learned, y’all!!


Run out of the park and over to the office park across Cary Parkway. Circle up for SSH, Good Morning, Imperial Walkers, Merkins


Get yourself a partner for Double Dora!

First Dora: 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 LBCs (with a lap around one of the buildings) – plank it out when done

Second Dora: 100 CDDs, 200 Lunges, 300 Freddy Murcs – plank when done.

That ate up most of our time, so we ran back to the park, finishing with a two-heat Billy Run to the basketball(ish) court.


Yes, we did Mary. I want to say we did some Dolly and then one other thing. But it’s been about a week, so I don’t remember what we did. Oops.


Count-o-rama: 19 Goliaths

Name-o-rama: Still 19, 1 FNG, welcome Woodstock!

Announcements: Nope. None.

Prayers: There were a few


So, at the top I mentioned I Q’d four times in a span of 12 days. Well, I just wrote four backblasts in a span of about 6 hours. While “working”.

Sure, there’s a small part of me that feels bad for waiting this long to write all these. But at the same time, I justify it by telling myself that I’ve been prioritizing more important things, and now that those other things have settled down a little bit, I have margin to be able to write these masterpieces.

But here’s what happened. We had VQ week at the beginning of August and it was awesome. The new guys stepped up and it was great. They all killed it. And I’ll be honest, it made me itch a little. I had to take a little bit of a step back when I took a new job back in February, but I finally feel like I’m pretty well up to speed with everything there, so once VQ week was over, I jumped onto F3Carpex.com and grabbed a Q each week for about 4 weeks straight. Then somehow I volunteered to Q Labor Day without actually meaning to, but once the Nantan heard me say I’d do it, there was no turning back.

I’m telling you, men. There’s something magical about Q’ing. I still get nervous, like it’s my first time. Palms sweating. Hair on my arms standing up. The slightest hint of nausea. The overwhelming fear that I’m about to crap my pants and having trouble remembering what I ate for dinner the night before. But as soon as we jog off to warm up, I’m locked in (unless we’re at Bounty Hunters, tbh). If you’ve been holding out, I would encourage you to follow the link below, find a day that works for you, then type your name on one of these Q sheets. I promise, the first time you’ll get a free pass. Usually we hold our heckling/mumblechatter until your second Q.


For the 4th time today, thanks for allowing me the honor of leading! See you in the gloom


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