Still shakin’ (or bakin?) three hundred and sixty five days later!

A few weeks ago, YHC was ego-surfing the now nearly impossible to find backblasts when I came across this beauty from Burt. I quickly jumped on the Q-sheet and found to my giddy surprise that the 9/9 slot at Phoenix was still open.  With a mix of trepidation (‘how am I going to fill up 60 minutes?’) and pride (‘definitely did not imagine I would still be getting up at 5 o’clock a year later’) I signed up to Q.

The next ten days were filled with trying to figure out what to plan for. Do I do a repeato of Burt’s classic? Nah… not gloomy enough at 6:30. How’s about that Southern Frat Boy Style? Nope… we wear boots down in Texas. Let’s go o’natural, find something new to do and try not to 5-cadence anything.


Everybody grab a birthday hat. Ooops… Dollar Store hats don’t work very well. Only Texas Ranger was able to keep his on his noggin more than 10 seconds. Nevermind.

Circle up to stretch those legs. 10x Rockets and 20x Copperhead Squats in IC.

Mosey down to the baseball field parking lot for the real deal:

  • 20x SSH IC
  • 20x Sumo Squats
  • 20x Smurf Jacks… was informed these are Burt-Jacks in this here region!
  • 10x Merkins


PAX split into 2 groups. Scout Run using light poles as markers (look it up… we’ll be doing more of these) all the way to the big field.

Pair up alternative Clock Merkins / LBCs:

PAX1: backwards run halfway up the hill and 5x Clock Merkins at Noon, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock
Flip flop and work your way down to 1x on the Clock

Tammy Wynette with 100 count Merkins and LBCs

Circle up for some Global Warming, each PAX calling out an exercise. Term Paper pulled a Callahan after his call. Got some EC beforehand so all good. Called exercises included burpees OYO, plank series, 6″ hold 10-ct in a circle and some Bruce Lee’s (What?!.. nevermind, that’s a Mucho Chesto from Biner).

Tammy Wynette with 100 count Peter Parkers and Air-presses/Halleluyah

Circle up for second half of Global Warming. This time we got some burpees, freddy mercs, flutter kick in a circle, something else and Ollie wins the prize by asking each PAX to call out his V-AO and who brought him. Good to get to know everyone better.

Pair up alternating Clock Merkins / Homer-to-Marge.

AYG to the top of the hill and a mosey back to the Flag. Did someone call a Billy?!


Not much time left so we closed with a Hurricane Wind Down. One your 6. Flutter kick sequence in a sitting / reclining / flat position from Category 5 to 1. Take that Irma!


Announcements: 9/11, Krytonite, Wolverine next week, and apparently there’s a new stealth AO starting up as well:

Prayers: Prayers for all those affected by Mother Nature the last few weeks; BRR’s stay safe; Yogi interviewing soon. Wisdom for all those listening.


  • A hearthfelt thanks to all the men that help make F3 what it is. A year ago when FlipFlop told me about the craziness he was up to at 5:45AM, there was no way I was into that. Glad I could prove myself wrong.
  • Burt sighting on a Saturday. Must be a party
  • Don’t by party hats at the Dollar Store. They suck.

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