Danger Zone

Dreamin’ of DangerZone

YHC/QIC rolled up to Danger Zone to see 13 men awaiting in the Gloom.  True Gloom too: moderately dense fog settling over the men and the shovel flag, and mild cool brisk air.  I really needed to consult with one of the site Qs, but alas, there was no sight Q in site.  Burt exclaimed he was an old site Q and offered his guidance.  I was unsure if he utilized the adjective “old” meaning ‘former’ or ‘age’, but nonetheless I absolutely declined any guidance from Burt.

It was a bit hard to see in the Gloom as the men circled around YHC, but we appeared to have an obvious FNG, as he was dressed ridiculously in some kind of poofy sweater vest.  YHC went up to potential FNG, who looked like he was 12 years old, and introduced myself “Flip Flop”, and welcomed him to F3.  He informed me that he was no FNG, but royalty out of F3 HamptonRoads, 28 years old, and then he batted his eyes when he told me his name……”DreamLiner”.
YHC:  Why are you wearing that overstuffed sweater vest?
DreamLiner:  It’s not a sweater vest, it’s a weighted vest.  I wear it in case the workout is too easy.
YHC:  Son, this is DangerZone, the AO were all workouts are of legendary stature. (i.e. https://f3carpex.com/2017/05/12/the-most-amazing-workout-to-have-ever-happened/ )
You only need a weighted vest for our other Friday AOs: SlupperyWhenWet and Dainty Peak.
DreamLiner:  Never heard of those other AOs.
YHC:  Exactly.  But since your young and recently took the SAT, I’ll put it in terms you can understand.  Here’s the SAT analogy:
Charcoal grill : Gas grill
Bourbon : Diet Mr. Pibb
Steak and Potatoes : Tofu and Whole30
DreamLiner expressed understanding.  I had a good mind to give him a disclaimer anyway, but I refrained.

The warm-up laps around the Pickle ensued.  The last lap DreamLiner overtook YHC/QIC in front of the PAX, as if to say ‘check out my sweater vest now’.  Oh hells no.  YHC glided by him with ease.  Circle up for: GM x 10, SSH x 20, Fazio forward x 10 —> Fazio retro x 10, MC x 10, PJ x 10.   All were performed in perfect cadence.
On to the beatdown.  Jog over to the DZ field to one of the world famous DangerZone rock piles.  You know the DZ rocks:  perfectly shaped and hand carved by North Cary Park elves, perfect weight with perfect hand holds.  Everyone get a body-building-rock so we can further sculpt our already chiseled bodies.

On the DZ field there are cones in the form of a squaretangle:  32 yd x 50 yd.  On one of the 32 yd end lines, 4 cones 8 yd apart.  7 men put their rocks on cone 1, 7 men put their rocks on cone 3.
All men start at cone 1, and do 5 reps of exercise A.
They then sideshuffle on to cone 2 and do 5 reps of exercise B.
They then sideshuffle on to cone 3 and repeat 5 reps of exercise A.
They then sideshuffle on to cone 4 and repeat 5 reps of exercise B.

After that, they run 50 yds, sideshuffle 32 yds, and backpeddle 50 yds back to the beginning.  This is the end of Round 1.

Rounds 2 and 3 are identical to Round 1, but the reps increase by 5 each time (Round 2 has 10 reps, 3 has 15 reps).
After Round 3 is completed, plank series exercises.  Then begin the next pair of exercises.

First Pair:
A: Rock Curls
B:  Sumo Jump Squats
Second Pair:
A:  Rock Rows
B:  Thigh Slides
Third Pair:
A:  Rock Press
B.  Airplane

Return rocks (lunge walk with rocks to return to pile)
Indian Run:  2 lines of 7 men;  Indian run 1 3/4 laps around field.

Jack Webb:  1 to 5 ratio for classic Merkins and AirPress.  Up to 10 Merkins and 50 AirPresses.

Mosey to Shovel Flag.
Mary:  x 20 Freddie Mercs.

Count-a-Rama:  14.  Some mehs, a few respects, one hate (DreamLiner).  During count-a-rama, one member of PAX, instead of saying his number, said “Wolverine!”.
Name-a-Rama:  see below.

Announcements:  9/11 Stair Climb 5:30 start? at Carter Finely.  Something about a new AO launching in ~10 days called Wolverine.  Guys weekend trip at PetSounds lake house. Disco Duck is honored to be new site Q for Rush Hour—-come on out and support DD.

Prayer Requests:  Repeato’s daughter, Hi-Liter’s dad, Hurricane.
Disco Duck took us out in a world-class prayer.

Really enjoyed it men; twas a pleasure.



3 thoughts on “Dreamin’ of DangerZone

  1. f3bartman

    At first I thought the MC and PJ counts were overstated by 4 each, but then I recalled the ruthless efficiency and flawless execution by the Q and PAX, and realized they counted for at least 10. Carry on.

    Liked by 1 person

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