And the Duck steps Up

Asystole, Yogi, disco duck, banjo

4 pax gathered around the flag, and the ceremonies commenced. To honor and glorify Disco Duck for stepping up and taking over site Q responsibilities for Rush-Hour, Banjo delivered the Wrecker Scepter and hoisted and mounted the reflective Wrecker to the top of the flag.
As the ceremonies wound down prayers were delivered for wise leadership from disco duck, then the pax were off. Jogging to the parking lot between the tracks and circle up for: SSH, Good afternoon, Windmills, Imperial Walker, some arm stretches, cat-cow yoga shoulder stretch, calf stretches, and finished off with 10 Merkins Oyo.
Moseyed to the other side of Waldo for main event. In groups of ones and two’s, 1s all you got to the next light post and mosey back while 2s Amrap Burpees. Flapjack. As a group mosey to the next light pole and continue in this fashion to the the fountain. On the return same thing but amrap Merkens.
Mosey back to the start for dealers choice Mary: box cutters, Freddie mercury, windshield wiper,.
Announcements: F3 dad shirt sales end tomorrow, odyssey shirts on Friday. F3 dad’s third Saturday of each month. Odyssey October 7.
Lots of prayers shared, check the prayer channel on group me. YHC took us out in prayer.
Man, it is been a wonderful year leading you guys at rush-hour. I want to thank you for the opportunity, it is been a an experience with fun joy and laughter and lots of shared fellowship.

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