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The Death Parking Lots


This was a co-Q with Free bird and Nature Boy today at FOD.

Driving into the Q it was apparent we were really close to a full moon, so hopes were high.  Upon further review, it was only 99% full on a waxing gibbous.  (Full moon on September 6th)  I don’t pretend to know anything about the phases of the moon but I knew if that was my intro, some useful facts may be beneficial.  Good website on the moon.

The usual suspects showed up for this Western Cary post today.  The Pax were very calm coming off vacation in my opinion.  NO MURPH!


  • Warm up (Non-navy approved)
    • Windmill, Hillbilly, Imperial Walker,  slow merkins, LBC
  • Thang #1 (Freebird)
    • BLIMP on the soccer field, stopping at goal line, penalty box, mid field, etc.
    • Mosey to Parking lot of death
      • Modified Lt. Dan’s
        • One partner does lunge left leg, lunge right leg, squat
        • Second Partner does lap around to catch partner one
          • Added bro merkins during the flip flop
          • We went for about 15 minutes
  • Thang #2 (Nature Boy)
    • Parking Lot of Death #2
      • Figure 8’s
        • Do 8 reps with a rock, run a lap
        • Do 8 reps with a rock, run a lap
          • Exercises
            • Curls, rows, rock merkins, burpees, WWII, hammers, presses, tricep extension
    • Oblique test
      • Partner one and partner two back to back
        • 8 reps one way exchanging the rock, 8 reps the other way
    • Mary (Box cutters, flutter kicks, WWII, dying cock roach, some others)


Praises that everyone stayed safe during the holiday.


9/11 stair climb

Shirt order:  Last days for the Odyssey and Carpex Dads preorders


Lilly’s is killer Pizza, but not so good the next morning.  Great parks we have in Cary/Apex, including the facilities.

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