Moderately Slippery When Wet

19 PAX showed up for the inauguration of SWW on 09/01/2017. Must have been the promise of some good ol’ Midwestern casserole that brought them in. But it was the surprise bagels and lox that really won them all over. As an added bonus SWW lived up to its name (I knew it would) with a very tolerable occasional sprinkling of rain. Here’s how the morning went:

Jog to shelter parking lot (farthest lot from houses) for warm ups:
-Good mornings
-Side Straddle Hops
-Hello Dollys
-Flutter Kicks (Low Slow Flutters)
-Freddie Mercurys
-Homer to Marges
-Std Americans – I mean Merkins

Jog to park entrance for suicides on Lochmere Dr to Crescent Green.
-We took over the west side of Lochmere Dr (fortunately there were 0 cars)
-7 Burpees at each light pole (both sides of road) on way up – 5 or 6 in total
-15 Monkey Humpers at bottom
-All PAX perform the Al Gore while waiting for the six

Count-A-Rama then two line Indian run down Lochmere Dr back to shelter parking lot in Ritter park.
-Partner up to complete a total of 100, 200, 300 of Merkins, American Hammers, Squats.  One partner worked on that while the other bear crawled to the end of the parking lot then backward bear crawled (name?) back.
-I don’t think I saw a single PAX actually do the full backward bear crawl – lots of complainy pants. So it became a pic your own exercise down the parking lot and back.

Nature Boy grumbled about the wetness of SWW so we did an audible when the PAX started getting bored and moseyed over to the shelter.
-Nature Boy led us in some Dips OYO
-Whirly led us in some Irkins OYO
-I took charge again and led us in some stair climbs in cadence (kind of…)

Moseyed over to the baseball circle and benches to close it out with a Have a Nice Day then COT.

Announcements (there were more, but Oofta didn’t take good notes…I’ll do better next time):
-Q school on Sunday 10/01

Prayer requests:
-Captain Kirk’s mom just went on oxygen – healing and health for her.
-People of Houston – relief from flooding, support for those displaced, fast recovery.

This was my VQ and it was a ton of fun – more than I was expecting. Ritter park is going to be a great AO. I am really looking forward to all the creative ways we are going to use it to inflict some good pain on everyone Friday mornings. The casserole and bagels and lox really were fantastic. Maybe we should do that more often… Many thanks to my M and NY Bagel and Deli for helping make that happen!

PAX: Joe Smith, Whirlie, Mufasa, Captain Kirk, Oofta, Saban, Term Paper, Smokey, Sosa, Earhart, WKRP, Franklin, Nature Boy, Chop Block, Pet Sounds, Shank, Coxswain, Yoga Mat, Mystery PAX (who left before casserole, so I didn’t record their name)