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What’s a celebration merkin?

With Yogi on the sideline (rest well sweet Prince) the run-and-gun (hold on that run) duo of Hello Kitty and Pierogi were the next men up to lead an All-American beat down at Danger Zone.


Kitty led the PAX for a warmup lap around the pickle at a noticeably low-slow tempo. Circle up in honor of the 10-year anniversary of the Mighty Mountaineers defeating the #5 ranked Michigan Wolverines IN THE FRIGGIN’ BIG HOUSE, 34-32:

  • Good morning (some count not tied to 34-32)…ok now to the theme
  • Merkin x 34
  • Imperial Walker (Kitty took the liberty of modifying for a Hilly Billy) x 32
  • Sir Fazio Arm Circles Forward x 17
  • Sir Fazio Arm Circle Backward x 17
  • Merkin x 2 (as in 34-32=2)

Thang 1:

With storm clouds looming, and the Kitty not interested in a rain game, the PAX shuffled to the shelter. To keep the other team on their toes we called a play rarely seen in the 1st Quarter… a Hail Mary, “on your six!” for:

  • LBC x 34 in cadence
  • Plank on a 32 count (Hi-Liter… nice and slow)
  • Freddy Mercury x 34 in cadence
  • Plank on a 32 count
  • WWII (PAX love you Yogi) on my up x 17
  • Plank on a 32 count
  • Merkin on up x 17
  • Plank on a 32 count

Thang 2:

With Hello Kitty still reliving the glory that was the 2007 App State Mountaineers, Pierogi took the PAX through a series of celebration routines. We have a lot to celebrate in CARPex!

Celebration Merkins:

Split the PAX into three groups of 5.

1 PAX on the table with remaining 4 PAX lifting HIM up.

10x ‘merkins on table with remaining 4 PAX squatting (with table!) in cadence.

Rotate through all 5 PAX

For reference:

Mini DORA (it’s a celebration ‘cause it’s shorter):

50 ‘merkins

100 dips

150 lunges (each leg one)

Touchdown starts with a “T”:

Starting position move:

IC, left arm only, right arm stays out:

10x ITY-bITY Sir Fazio arm circles

10x ITY-bITY in reverse

10x bigly arm circles

10x ylgib arm circles

Repeato with other arm. Although simple, there were a lot of droopy arms at the end.

For reference:

Touchdown Flow to end it:

4x 5-count flow sequence of Arms Up (TD signal), Al Gores, Plank Hold, Lunge Hold, Warrior-1


  • Next F3 Dads is 9/16
  • Pet Sounds PAX weekend (not broke back at all) is 9/15
  • 9/11 stair climb at Carter Finley, be there at 0515


  • Hi-Liter and his M on a safe trip celebrating their 19th – congrats you two
  • Flip-Flop’s friend who was hurt
  • For Houston and strength/prayers to Texas


  • Hello Kitty: As always, it is an honor to lead the PAX through a post, and happy to step up and step in for Yogi while he heals up that tweaked back. Today I hope you all got a little stronger, I know I did, physically, mentally and emotionally. For that I thank all of you HIM and let’s go out and attack the day with an enthusiasm unknown to man.



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