A little while back…

8/7/17: YHC led 25 men on a glorious, clear morning at the Apex Community Park. As usual, the gate was close so the PAX began to gather on the sidewalk while Hopspot frantically searched for the morning’s Q. Have no fear Hopspot, YHC was only stretching. 1 Minute warning goes out, no FNGs (insert frowning emoticon face), no disclaimer, wrist clock strikes 0545 hours and the PAX is off.
Light jog to parking lot on right for half the warm-up (SSH, GM, IW) then on the to the bottom of the hill to finish the warm-up (Merkins, Mountain Climbers and calf stretches)
The Thang
When YHC announced partner DORA, mumbles of dissatisfaction arose, but YHC was not discouraged. The DORA consisted of 100 Merkins, 200 Monkey Humpers and 300 Dying Cockroaches. Partners took turns knocking out the exercises while the other backwards ran up the hill to the speed bump and then back down regular.
Once complete the PAX moseyed turn park exit to the usual COT parking lot, but we weren’t done yet. The PAX circled up to do a few Up/Downs with a few laps around the pickle to ease the mumble chatter…
Plank hold, right arm up, right leg up, regular, left arm up, left leg up, regular.
and a few others from newer men in the PAX
Thank you for allowing me to lead you this morning

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