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Paying the 540 Toll

14 HIM arrived at Tortoises this morning ready to pay the 540 toll.  But this toll isn’t paid with money, it’s paid with sweat and effort and heart.
Warm up
One lap around the pickle, Imperial Walkers, Sir Fazio Arm Twirlies (both directions), Cotton Pickers.
Mosey over to the picnic tables for 24 merkins, 24 left-right step-ups, 24 dips, 24 squats and 24 LBCs.  Repeat all five exercises, reducing the rep count by three each cycle.
24+21+18+15+12+9+6+3 = 84
84×5 = 540
That’s the 540 Toll
Another lap around the pickle, ten penalty burpees for our late arrival, mountain climbers and box cutters.
Announcements included F3 Dads at Bond Park on Saturday, Labor Day convergence at Bond Park on 04SEP, 9/11 Stair Climb at Carter Finley, CSAUP Odyssey at Bond Park on 07OCT, ongoing GiveToGive project.
Prayers for Pickles family, nephew going through chemo treatments that seem to be effective but have side effects, father-in-law dealing with extremely high blood pressure, praises for Bocefus friend misdiagnosed with cancer.
I had fun coming up with this workout, and the PAX seemed to appreciate it.  I’m sure we’ll see it again.  It’ll be a good workout when the weather forces us under a shelter.
Tortoises continues to grow, we’ve hit double digits the last two weeks.  Thanks to all for coming out and paying the toll.

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