Field of Dreams

Eclipse Phenomena

30 stallions rolled up to Field of Dreams all abuzz about the event of the century yesterday. Of course, I’m referring to the eclipse which evoked all kinds of emotions in humans and weird behavior in animals. What weird things would it cause at FoD?

0545: Pleasantries over. Listen up!

First exercise is the standard Merkin x 15 IC

Jog (mix of regular and backwards) up to upper parking lot by the Thomas Brooks entrance and circle up for

  • 8 x GM IC
  • 5 x Pike Calf Stretch (each leg) IC
  • 10 x Say Hey Willies IC

The Thang
The solar event yesterday apparently kicked off a weird phenomenon seen only occasionally in these parts called the Sharknado. It consisted of the following swirl of activity:

  • 15 Burpees (followed by a circumnavigation around the parking lot and back to the top)
  • 20 Diamond Merkins (and trip around the parking lot)
  • 20 WWII Sit-Ups (and trip around the parking lot)
  • 20 Merkins (and trip around the parking lot)
  • 20 Scorpion Dry Docks (and trip around the parking lot)

That’s 1 swath of the sharknado. The plan was to do this 5x. In reality, we cut 3 swaths through West Cary + some plank-o-rama and Squats IC while the sharknado burned itself out.

Jog back (fortunately downhill) to the shovel flag and circle up for COT

Count-a-rama: 30- and this is without any FNGs #problematic
Name-a-rama: couple hates, a few respects, and a buncha mehs
Announcements: New AO (Slippery When Wet) on 9/1 at Ritter Park; New AO (Wolverine) on 9/18 at Davis Drive Park; F3 Dads this Saturday at Bond Park at 0900; On 9/4 we will converge at Bond Park at 0700 – No A-Team or Kryptonite that day; 9/11 is the stair climb at Carter-Finley at 0530 – No A-Team but Kryptonite is still on (but with regular tempo bootcamp) for those who can’t make the stair climb
Prayers: Beaker’s brother; Swag’s friend Jeff; Ma Bell’s son’s friend Dom; that Open Out’s baby is human


With all the conflict and intolerance that’s exists in our country and in the world, I think it’s important to remember the words of Jesus as written by Matthew in Chapter 22
“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

Sound off if I left you off the PAX list unintentionally

We got in 3.15 miles + a whole mess of merkins, burpees, sit-ups, and squats. Not too shabby before 0630!

30 dudes + another 27 at that other Tuesday CarPEX AO. RESPECT!

It was a pleasure just to be around such fine men this morning, and a true honor to lead.

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