Beyond the Wall


When: 8/20/2017

Where: Hopkinsville, KY home of Kentucky’s very first confirmed F3 workout

The PAX: Splash/YHC, Banjo, Homes
The last time a galactic phenomenon of this magnitude spanned across the United States, planet Earth was on the brink of its First World War. Strange things happen when the moon gets in the way of the sun. Yogis amp up their sun salutations and lunar flows. Bats fly in the middle of the day. Animals get confused, rabid, and frisky. Odd shadows dance through tree leaves. Humans flock to a single location, and typically, a party ensues. Well this AM, three men from various parts of the country united for what you may call an F3 Sun Worshipping session in preparation for what is to come.
How small of a world it is to meet out front of an old house that once belonged to YHC and Banjo’s family. Mosey down Main Street to hit the Rails for Trail pathway stopping for a Quarter Cindy Q’d by Banjo:
5 Rounds OYO: 5 pull ups, 10 Merikans, 15 Single Leg Squats

The Thang
Continue our mosey down the trail stopping before the bridge for a brief session with Mary Q’d by YHC
IC Box Cutters x 20
IC Vladimir Putin’s/Russian Twists/American Hammers x 20

Mosey across the bridge into the Justice Center playground to complete another Quarter Cindy:
5 Rounds OYO: 5 pull ups, 10 Merikans, 15 Single Leg Squats

Mosey through the Eclipseville festival booths, across Little River, past the blow-up Bounce Houses, and by the fountain. Homes Q’d the PAX through a series of IC Dips x 14, 30 second hollow hold/6 inches & arms above head, more IC Dips x lost count, 20 more squats for good measure, and lunges around the fountain. YHC shall dub this routine…”Jelly Legs.”

Mosey back through the festival area and up the hill on Bethel Street. Now, what kind of sun worshipping would it be without a little skipping? After turning back down Main Street, gay skip frolicking with a smile on our faces definitely turned a couple of heads. Sorry, not sorry, for being happy to share a beat down amongst brothers. We ended where we started with the obligatory picture and some sweaty fellowship.

Now, remember to where eye protection and see how frisky things get when the temperature drops 20 degrees at 1:23pm tomorrow afternoon. #Eclipseville

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