Fitness, Phoenix

Recruiting Station for Texas Rangers at Phoenix

Twenty-four recruits for Texas Rangers came out strong to Phoenix this gorgeous Saturday morning, August 12, 2017. Unlike the Alamo, we all survived, but it was not without sacrifice and sweat and pushing each other to be better.

The PAX: Texas Ranger, Ollie, PBX, Aristocrat, Hello Kitty, Bartman, Sticks, Snots, Fluoride, Disco Duck, Sooey, Crimson, Sooner, Pierogi, BOGO, Mississippi, Banjo, Yoga Mat, Biner, Dice, and 4 more whose names (I’m sorry) I forget but it must be because of my head injury (see below).

We started the warm-up with side-straddle hops, good mornings, cotton pickers, merkins, and hill-billies.

Then we ran down to the next parking lot down and did a series of quick-feet on the curb interspersed with sprints, bear crawl, and karoke. Next up, count off 1’s and 2’s and partner up for a catch-me-if-you-can sort of relay. In the parking lot Partner 1’s did two lunges to get to a parking line and then two burpees at each line and kept moving up to the next parking line doing two lunges and two burpees at each line. Partner 2’s ran a lap around the parking lot and caught back up with Partner 1’s and then switched. In this fashion the whole PAX progressively moved around the entire parking lot until completing a full lap.

After the running and burpees we needed some core so we went with LBC’s … a total of 80 with holding position for 5 seconds in between counts of 5, 10, 15, 20, 15, 10, 5. Next, we did two rounds of step-ups, dips, erkins, and then repeato on the LBC’s.  Then, we jogged through the woods to one of Phoenix’s lovely rock piles and hills. Partner 1’s with rocks did curls, overhead presses, and rock-rows while Partner 2’s ran up the hill, did two star jumps, and down the hill. After that it was time to jog back to the shovel flag and finish it with more merkins.

COT: Announcements — Give2Give still going on, 8/26 F3 Dad’s and kids at 9 am at Bond Park; 9/11 stair climb; 10/7 The Odyssey!

Prayer requests — Hello Kitty’s dad to recover from surgery and for patience with the process; WWW’s family in Guam and political situation with N. Korea and Godly wisdom for the leaders of nation; praise for Texas Ranger’s M and 2.0 returning safe from their mission trip in Guatemala.

Reminder — As we closed out COT, I thanked God for every breath He gives us. After returning home from Phoenix I noticed a dead tree limb hanging down from a tree in my back-yard. It was partially attached and needed to come down. Moving too quickly, I tugged on a low hanging branch to the limb and all of a sudden this huge limb snapped off from way up in the tree and came crashing down on my head … blood and pain throbbed from my head and my M got me to the ER. I needed 14 staples in my head to close up the gash that measured about 6.5 inches long. I’m feeling really stupid but also feeling really thankful that God reminded me how much every moment of this life is a gift from Him to be used for His glory, and we can’t take it for granted.

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