Dante's Peak

Celebration in the Peak of Good Living

Earhart, sooner, SUEY, Swag, monkey nut, disco duck, Parker, Snots, Lulu, ascot, stove pipe, nature boy, Franklin, goose, blueprint, road rash, blackout, open out, Wilbur, banjo, hotspot, water wings, Crimson, sky blue

Babyface, a.k.a., Colin Snyder, led a compelling sermon centered around Jesus his first miracle, John 2:1 to 11, turning water into wine at a wedding reception. YHC cannot find the podcast so you men will need to stretch your imaginations, extend some faith beyond your sensibilities, and trust me on this one. Spoiler alert, starting with the end, we should give thanks, go forth and take notice of others, go forth and celebrate what God has done and does, go forth and be contagious, celebrating God’s joy and grace. Stepping back, Baby Face’s point was that we need not forget to spread God’s word through celebration. Take notice of others. God has equipped us to spread his joy and grace, to help in all situations, and to play a bigger part in his ever unfolding miracle.


And with that, YHC endeavored to listen and understand the pax and share in the celebration in which we are called by God.


Let’s go celebrate and spread the joy.


Mosey to the washed out bridge for warm-up: SSH, Imperial Walker, mountain climber, calf stretches, pigeon stretch, good morning, 10 martins Ohio.


Partner up, size matters! Mosey to the soccer field and line up with your partner on the sideline for partner carries. P1 carries P2 to the far side line. P1 then sprints back to the far side line and returns. P2 Amrap’s markings. Flapjack. Repeat till all pax completed 3 carries.


Continuing to spread the joy, mosey over to the tennis courts sidelines with your partner.

Round 1: P1 bear crawls to the 2nd court then sprints to the far end & back while P2 amrap’s hammers. Flapjack.

Round 2: bear crawl to the 2nd tennis court, gorilla hop to the 3rd tennis court, Sprint to end and back

Round 3: bear crawl, gorilla walk, walk crab.

Round 4: bear, gorilla hop, walk crab, crawl bear to 4th, Sprint to end and back


Circle up for Mary led by all the newer pax.

YHC led us out in prayer


It was a joy.

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