Bounty Hunters

Traveling “Jack Webs”

The morning weather is perfect and 13 PAX all gather on time for another beatdown.  No FNGs so we head out and around the skate park and across the street (wait for the cars and then backwards run).  Circle-up behind the building for:

Warm Up

10 Good Mornings

15 Side Straddle Hops

10 Cotton Pickers

15 Windmills


The Thang

Finish warmup and get the PAX into a plank hold line.  Q describes the first thang workout, 7s running up one side of the building, performing 6 CDDs, run down the stairs on the other side and perform 1 burpee.  Wash, rinse, reapto until we finish in the parking lot with 6 burpees.  Plank hold until all the PAX are done.

Finish up our planks and start the next thang, modified jack web called Lt. Dan’s using a single squat with left-right leg lunges count of three, two squats with left-right leg lunges to a count of six, run to another point, and repeat up to 10 and 30.  Finish up in the parking lot next to the shelter with 10 squats and 30 left-right lunges.  Much mumble chatter about how I was going to get us back from the parking lot to the park but I did!!

Partnering up for a modified DORA with 100 dips, 100 Erkins, and 100 left-right step ups.  Once all PAX are done, we mosey over to the ½ mile loop.

Next thang is Captain Thors, one big-boy sit-up with three hammers, two count, two big-boys with six hammers, get run a little bit and keep on going up.  Head to the flag and circle up on sixes for:



Q asks random PAX for their favorite mary exercise so we had some the usual box-cutters, a new one to me called superman-banana, and BOGO took us out with Freddie Mercs.  Clock strikes 6:30 and we are done



Count-a-rama:  14 PAX.


Give-to-Give campaign going on for F3 leap:

FiA “Official” launch this Saturday at 8:00am Bond Park

Aug 26th, F3 Dads 9:00am Bond Park

9/11 Stair Climb is scheduled to start at 6:00 AM at Carter-Finley

October 7th 1st CSAUP event the Odyssey.  Will start at Bond Park and travel about 8-10 miles over the next three hours. Details and a new shirt poll to follow.


  • So, modified jack webs can be done if you run in-between sets
  • The superman-banana Mary, called out by Waterwings is start in superman position, roll over on your back not using your feet or hands into the banana position and then roll back.  Nice new exercise for me.  We should try that one in the dog park across the street next time.
  • They are called Lt. Dan’s because at the end of the exercise you will feel like you ain’t got no legs.
  • Prayers go to Guam and the people living under the shadow of North Korea.  WWW has family in Guam so keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.


It was an honor to lead you men this morning.



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