Shakin Not Stirred

Sneaky Hard in New Hampshire

16 of CarPex’s finest gathered in the gloom at Bond Park for SNS, deciding they wanted both a beat down and to be home before 7:30 AM.


Jog to the Community Center parking lot for warm ups: SSH, GMs, SFAC, Hillbillies, Cotton Pickers, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, & Quick Feet

Indian Run to the rock pile adjacent to the Bond Lake spillway.

The Thang

Split into three groups for a little F3 Cat’s Cradle.

Round 1: Group 1 at Rockpile OYO Rock Your Body with an ego rock., Group 2 runs up the stairs of the levee to the top where Group 3 is doing Merkinrama -(OYO standard, wide grip, diamond – 10X each, repeato) and enjoying the view of New Hampshire right here in Carpex, because “Keep your head up”. Upon Group 2’s arrival, they replace Group 3 and Group 3 runs back to Group 1. Repeato.

Round 2: Group 1 at Rockpile OYO Rock Squats. Group 2 runs straight up the side of the levee to the top where Group 3 is doing reverse lunges. Group 2 replaces Group 3 who crawl bears (safety first, the hill was slick with rain) back down the hill to replace Group 1. Repeato.

Jog back to the kiosk for some “Sabans” with burpees at the top and star jumps at the bottom. Had to modify to ensure we finished on time (there’s a lesson here for the Vesper boys), so didn’t run all the way up the hill between exercises.

Jog back to the flag for a Mary wrap up with LBCs, Freddy Mercuries, and Low Slow Flutters.


COT was more of a drop in affair as the Vesper boys decided to dribble in fashionably late.

Announcements: CSAUP, F3 Dads, FiA, Triple-down at the Crick.

Prayer requests: Praises for Highlighter’s successful trip with his daughter, Safe completion of the cross-country bike ride for Franklin’s son, Mississippi starting his sergeant’s course and for his sister, Kermit’s new job.


YHC always struggles to come up with catchy Backblast titles, so thanks to @riptidef3 for the idea.

Yes, @burtcarpex, it’s a levee. A dam has water on both sides.

I wonder if any of the Vesper boys are still running or were found by local emergency services. #10milesby0650 Just saying.


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