Phoenix, Virgin Q

Mississippi’s Army

25 of CarPex’s finest gathered at bondpark, deciding they wanted both a beat down and to be home NLT 0800.


Jog to the parking lot opposite to the right side of where we park, for warm ups all warm-ups were army style: Bend&Reach, Squat Bender, Rower, Windmill, High Jumper, Calf Crusher, &  Merkins

Kermit was my co-Q so he jogged us to one of the finest hills in Bond park.

The Thang

We did 2 rounds of hill repeats, starting at the top with 5 burpees, bear crawling backwards and doing 10 LBCs at the bottom. Reapto just doubling our count.

Afterwards we did dangerous 7. At the picnic table 7 dips with starting at 1 for ascending squats opposite way. Every time you pass the tables you do 7 dips then starting at 6 descending free release Merkins at the top. That took majority of the time. Squat held it at the end with some 10 count rest periods with plank holds. Jogged back up the hill and had the guys sprint it back to the flags to wrap it up with a deck of cards and Mary.

Had two teams, each team member drew a card and whoever had the highest card got to pick the exercise for the opposite team. Needless to say these Cary boys love them some Merkins and Burpees! We ran out of time so we ended it up with COT.


We had two FNG’s, Abraham(BC he’s older than me and has 20 grandchildren) and Stix(BC he plays lacrosse)!

Announcements: CSAUP, F3 Dads, FiA, Triple-down at the Crick.

Prayer requests: Praises for Highlighter’s successful trip with his daughter, Safe completion of the cross-country bike ride for Franklin’s son, Mississippi starting his sergeant’s course and for his sister, Kermit’s new job.


This was my first Q and Kermit co- Q

Thank you to everyone who showed up and supported us, I have only been doing f3 for 4 months and it has helped keep me in check.

Also my day was this past Saturday and it has token me this long to post a backblast my apologies!


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