I drive into Tortoises because Freebird, my running partner is in West Virginia and Ohio this week on a much-needed vacation.  By driving in I was able to post a shovel flag for the morning event.  I had not planned to Q this morning but saw Disco Duck sign-up last minute so I offered to co-Q.  6 PAX gather in the gloom including Crimson, who drove in by himself.  Who knew he had a car?   Q starts by getting the guys to grab some curb and do a round of quick feet, a good way to warm up before the warm up.  We head out running slowly around the corner for:

Warm Up

10 Good Mornings

15 Side Straddle Hops

10 Cotton Pickers

15 Hillbillies


The Thang

Finish warmup and head over to the baby hill for 11’s, 10 burpees at the bottom and 1 squat at the top.  Repeato until we finish at the top with 10 squats and a plank hold.  About half-way through the 11s a car pulls into the parking lot and out hops Sosa, a new guy that just started posting last week.  Luckily for the PAX we were already doing burpees so no penalty for a late showing.

Finish up our planks and head over to the railing for some merkin ladder work, a set of erkins, Australian, and baby derkins with a lap up to a count of 7.

Mosey on down to the lower parking lot and grab some cinder blocks (thanks Texas!) and circle up for a progressive arm workouts of curls, presses, extensions and rock rows.  3 rounds with a lap in between each round led by WWW.

Finish up, put the blocks back and head to the picnic table for two rounds of dips and left-right step ups.  Head to the flag and circle up on sixes for:


Q asks for a round of Mary from the PAX which included homer-to-marge, LBCs, pickle pounders, box-cutters, heel raises, and hammers.  Clock strikes 6:15 and we are done



Count-a-rama:  7 PAX.



Give-to-Give campaign going on for F3 leap:

FiA “Official” launch this Saturday at 8:00am Bond Park

Aug 26th, F3 Dads 9:00am Bond Park

9/11 Stair Climb is scheduled to start at 6:00 AM at Carter-Finley

October 7th 1st CSAUP event the Odyssey.  Will start at Bond Park and travel about 8-10 miles over the next three hours. Details and a new shirt poll to follow.



Who knew Crimson had a car!!!

No Yogi sighting this morning

Sosa told me the website said Tortoises starts at 5:45, will need to verify

Disco Duck and I planned a co-Q but YHC decided to take us out

Nice job WWW on the runs this morning

Prayers go to Guam and the people living under the shadow of North Korea.  WWW has family in Guam.


It was an honor to lead you men this morning.



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