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I went to the Discomfort Zone




Two HIM posted at Rush Hour today and made each other stronger, physically and spiritually.  Here’s what we did.

Mosey to the parking deck

Little Man Jumping Jacks x 15

Jukebox x 15

Good Afternoon

Calf stretches

Pigeon stretches


We stretched the legs becuase there was going to be some running.  We sprinted from one end of the parking deck to the other.  Not quite AYG, but faster than a jog.  Enough to make us uncomfortable.

At each end of the deck we’d stop and take turns calling an exercise.  Burpees, double merkin burpees, sumo squats, prisoner squats, dips, LBCs, WWII situps, Freddie Mercurys and Homer to Marge, enough to fill two trips to the top.

Mosey to the big fountain for Mary.

ALRSU x 20

Irkins x 15

Freddie Mercuy x 15

LBCs x 15


Excitement about the Odyssey on October 7th.

Continued prayers for Yogi getting invited to boot camp.  Prayers for my parents dealing with the passing of their dog.


I’m glad Yogi was there today, becuase I wanted to be pushed out of my comfort zone, and he was just the man to do it.  I would have done the workout on my own, but I did it harder and faster because he was there encouraging me.  Thanks, Yogi!

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