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More Jets than Chargers… sadly

Going into this VQ, I was hoping to achieve Hall of Fame status but at the very least hit #MinimalCompetence. I thank all the PAX family for putting up with the latter while I work towards the former…  you aim for the Hall of Fame but you sometimes have to go through the Jets to get there.

But that’s beyond the point… in celebration of TCU Alum LaDainian Tomlinson’s upcoming induction into the NFL Hall of Fame, 13 PAX joined me for a VQ beatdown-ish. Welcome Ford from F3Raleigh!

TCU (Warm-up)


Yes, TCU was a warmup for LT… The Frogs were a pathetic 1-10 when he started out but, as with most good warm ups, you start cold and finish hot. LT led the nation in rushing two consecutive years and finished his career a Heisman finalist.

  • Start with a little jog 1 1/2 times the pickle to get started – regular, backward, carioca
  • 15 SSH’s
  • 10 Cheerleaders
  • Somewhere between 25 and 30 Sir Fazio’s (start small… end big) in Polish cadence (1…2…3…4…5…)
  • Back 3/4 around the pickle
  • Grab some curb for Riverdance with 10 derkins & 10 ‘erkins

Too bad @sammyboilermakr wasn’t there cause I had a sweat on by now.

Chargers (Thang 1)


Mosey to the big field in North Cary Park. Google it… it’s there. Starting at the top, we mosied around the field, breaking up the jog boredom with stations for:

  • 28 Squats OYO
  • 28 Iron Mikes OYO
  • 28 LBCs OYO
  • 28 Merkins
  • 28 Star Jumps OYO
  • 28 American Hammers OYO

My original idea was to continue through all stations 6 times each … but somewhere around 5:30AM this morning, I thought a catch-me-if-you-can as two big groups would be fun. So….

PAX split into two… 1’s planked while 2’s got in position on opposite side of field. Proceed through above stations with 5 reps instead of 28 until @hermescarpex caught @burtcarpex somewhere after the 2nd set of LBC’s.

Then the wheels came off (some more) when I asked Russell Wilson for a 10 count…


The Jets (Thang 2)


Yup… I played for the Jets…

Up to the “sand court” (YHC ignored the mumblechatter since no volleyball was to be seen) for:

  • 1’s running suicides in the sand while 2’s chilled in the People’s Chair and then switched to Balls to the Wall waiting for @largemouth to win the first set
  • Switch and repeat… unless your @sabancarpex and don’t want sand in your shoe

Up to the picnic tables for sets of 10 Dips / 10 Erkins / 10 dips / 10 Derkins. Many thanks to @hermescarpex for bringing some order to the proceedings. Called it a day and headed to the basketball court for…

Television Studio (Mary)


  • 15 WWIIs
  • 10 Boat/Canoes
  • 10 Freddy Mercs (with very tiny bicycle wheels)
  • Maybe something else but at this point… who cares? I’m retired!


  • Name-o-rama – 14 PAX present and accounted for.
  • Announcements
    • CSAUP – October 7, 6-10am
    • F3 Dads – August 26 Bond Park
    • FIA – Females In Action launch Aug 12.  Soft launch continues Saturday at Bond Park – show @8, start @815
    • Carpex Lake Weekend – September 15-17 (at least according to the website)
  • Prayers & Praises


… oh, and a shout out for @flipflopcarpex bringing the pierogi for breakfast. Nice touch.

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