Dante's Peak

Rockin’ the Peak

FOD VQ spot still wasn’t filled mid last week so I was beginning to panic.  I called out Sour Mash at the COT and he stepped up to VQ FOD but I could see the hesitation.  He would be going in cold and I was going to be out of town.  So I snagged this last minute Q from Petsounds to Co-Q with Sour Mash so we could practice some cadence counting.  22 PAX ascended to Dante’s Peak for a rock fest.

The Warm-up (Sour Mash):

20 SSH, 20 IW, 20 WM, 20 MC, 20 PJ

The Thing:

Partner up, size don’t matter.  Pick someone you’ve never partner’d up with before, then mosey to the other side of the park.  Hit the bridge, bear crawl two-by-two to the other side then wait for the six at the rock pile.

Gun show:

Grab a bragging rock and circle up.  1) 5 sets of 10 rock curls, 2) 5 sets of 10 rock extensions, and 3) 5 sets of 10 rock-rows… recover, whew!  Biner seems a little sad there was no rock presses… hmmm.\

Ladder up:

Run to the middle of the pickle in the far lot and get with your partner.  Starting at x=1, do 1x bropee, 2x partner merkin, 3x flutter kicks.  Run to the other side of the pickle and do x=2, (2 bropee, 4 partner merkins, 6 flutter kicks), etc.  We made it to 5x then waiting for the six.

Gun show 2 – Biner edition:

Go back to the pile for the missing rock presses… 5 sets of 10 rock presses.

Mosey back to the flag, again bear crawling two-by-two across the bridge.

Mary (Sour Mash):

20 LBC, 20 WW2, times up!

COT: Prayers for Tristan and Teresa.

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