Bounty Hunters

Return to Hinton Hill

YHC and Parker managed to lock down the premier Carpex AO BH Q for VQ week. With that tremendous responsibility upon us we devised a Co-Q plan to bring the pain and bring the pain we did.  YHC sought a return to Hinton Hill, the scene of YHC’s first BH post and beat down.

At 5:45 20 men, no FNGs, were off with a brisk mosey to the Baucum Elementary school bus lot for warmup after being questioned by a few skater dudes.

Warm Up (Parker)

  • Calf stretch x 5 / side (IC) while we wait for the PAX (just to give Khakis some calf cramps)
  • Slow Good Morning x 10 (IC)
  • Annie x 10 / arm (IC)
  • Rashad McCants (aka Bobby Hurley) x 10 (OMD)
  • Peter Parker Merkins x 10 (IC)

Quick count-o-rama and partner up with someone new, size and speed matter. Mosey over to Hinton Hill for a beat down.

Thang (YHC)

  • Run to bottom then 10 partner merkins
  • Backwards run to top then ten bropees
  • Run to bottom then 10 partner merkins
  • Partner carry to top then 10 bropees
  • Run to bottom then 10 partner merkins
  • AYG to top then 10 bropees
  • Pick up the 6 and change partners, size and speed matter
  • Rinse and repeat! Lots of mumble chatter from the PAX upon giving that instruction
  • 25 monkey humpers OYO because who doesn’t want to wake up to 20 men doing monkey humpers in the middle of the road?
  • 2 line Indian Run from Hinton Hill to the stop light then AYG to the flag

A couple notes here…..

  • When running up a hill backwards watch out for parked cars. Not sure which of the PAX ran into the parked car but the car got the raw end of that altercation.
  • Regardless of what happens, the workout is a success if the Q splashes merlot. Parker takes home the #VMerlotRecycler and #VMVP award for BH. Nice work!

Mary (Parker)

  • LBC x 30 (IC)
  • American Hammers x 15 (IC)
  • Low Slow Flutter x 15 (IC)
  • Have a Nice Day


Name-O-rama: 20 PAX


  • Back Pack Buddies huge success and wrapping up. If you have more stuff get it to Term Paper.
  • 8/26 9am – F3 Dads at Bond Park following Phoenix/FIA.
  • CSAUP in October


  • Open-Out & M – Pregnant with first child, upcoming Dr. appointments, health for M/baby and good genes.
  • Shut-In – Father in-law requires further medical attention for likely cancer diagnosis


It’s been a great couple of months since joining the F3 ranks. Thanks to everyone for their Fellowship and support.  Special thanks to Water Wings who brought me out as an FNG and held me accountable the first few weeks.  I started coming out for the Fitness and still do, but as the weeks go on I realize it’s as much or more about the Fellowship and Faith.  With my VQ out of the way (you always remember your first) I’m excited to step up and lead again!


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