Fitness, Kryptonite

The Rose

Glorious morning at Kryptonite this morning. 11 warriors show up. Stare at each other. Ask who the Q is for the morning and YHC takes the bait.

Let’s see what went down:

  • Run around the tiny parking lot and pick up Khakis;
  • COP – SSH, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, Good Mornings, Imperial Walkers;
  • Indian Run over the the parking lot we haven’t been kicked out of yet (#meanstreetsofCary);
  • Partner up – Partner #1 runs to the road/Partner #2 does exercises (Star Jumps, Squats and LBCs) x2;
  • Run to new location – Burpee broad Jump sandwich – Bear Crawl to the first light pole, Burpee Broad Jump to the next light pole and Bear Crawl to the final pole;
  • Suicides – Three light posts. Do it twice.
  • Jack Webbs – Single count up to 10 and backdown #easy
  • Indian Run around the parking lot back to homebase
  • LBC pyramid – Up to 20 in series of 5s with 5 count holds.


Naked Moleskin:

Welcome Midler. Thanks to the Art of Manliness Podcast (which Hermes invented), we had a FNG this morning. Midler did great sans the naming of himself. We straighten out that party foul with Yogi’s suggestion.

Jack Webb’s are terrible. In an effort to keep everyone close, YHC thought Jack Webb’s would be fun. Not so much. Failure occurred on the way down the pyramid. Nantan would have loved this portion of the workout but he’s avoiding Kryptonite.


Bring good for Backpack Buddies.


Yogi makes it to Boot Camp, Texas Ranger’s family on a mission trip and Khakis grandmother.

Thanks for the opportunity to spend an hour with each of you. We had fun? Right? Until next time…


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