F3, Phoenix

What a Zoo!


Last fall, I chaperoned my son’s field trip to the NC Zoo. Master of the obvious, I noticed that all the animals had animal names. So there’s that.


YHC promised that Phoenix this morning would be a “zoo.” So, we went exclusively with exercises named after animals.

When I mentioned my plan after our Pledge of Allegiance, I heard from the twenty-three strong PAX that we were “talking too much.” About half way through today’s beatdown, there was no talking to be heard. Panting, squawking, and barking, yes…but no talking. Mission accomplished – this was a zoo. Oh – and the light rain made it all the more…zooish.

Shout out to Flipper from Richmond, VA F3. Good to have you, bro.

The Warmup

  • Pledge of Allegiance at the Shovel Flag
  • Black Snake run to the Parking Lot at the West end of the park.
  • Seal Jacks x 20
  • Monkey Humpers x 15 (slow count)
  • Crab Jacks x 10
  • Crunchy Frogs x 10
  • Zebra Butt Kickers x 10 each leg

The Thang

  • Bearpees – In the West-End Parking Lot: 4-count bear crawl punctuated by 1 Burpee to corner 1; 4-count Crabwalk punctuated by 1 Crabcake to corner 2; 4-count bear crawl punctuated by 1 Burpee to corner 3; 4-count Crabwalk punctuated by 1 Crabcake to corner 4
  • Black Snake Run to the Kiosk
  • 7’s – PAX number off 1’s and 2’s; Crabjacks at the top of the hill and Creature Merkins at the bottom (plank on the park bench, lower to the ground on the right for a Merkin, back to the bench and over to the ground on the left for another Merkin, back to the bench)
  • Sloth Run to the field
  • Craberpillar – 2 lines Crab Hold while, one at a time, PAX Box Jumps or Hurdles over each PAX to the end of the line; Rinse, Repeat
  • Black Snake Run to the Community Center
  • Billy (goat) Run to the Flag for Mary


  • Starfish Crunches x 10
  • Dancing Bear Crunches x 10 each leg
  • Starfish Crunches x 10


  • Folded Arm Hang; move to the right and left
  • Sloth Stretch
  • Achilles Stretch left and right
  • Gorilla Squat Stretch; slow roll up
  • It was at this moment that YHC had enough of the mumble chatter about the stretching…so we knocked out 20 penalty Merkins 🙂
  • Behind back tricep stretch
  • Chicken Wing stretch right and left


  • BackPack Buddies – drop off items to site Q’s this coming week
  • FIA still rolling – official launch soon
  • Napster headed across the pond for two weeks
  • CSAUP – October 7
  • Mississippi completed his training!

Prayer Requests

  • Red Dawn – friend/family loss of an infant son
  • Callahan – Luke, chemo, family, baby sister
  • Mississippi to succeed in training/chaplaincy
  • YHC traveling to CA this week

Coffeteria – Panera – four attended.

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