F3, Fitness

Swimming with the Fishes. OIB.

Half, Kitty and YHC….2 of CarPex’s finest and YHC met at the OIB Fishing Pier for a Sarday morning workout.  Overcast, low 70’s, nice wind out of the west.   OIB is a southern facing beach so with wind out of the west we the men had it in their face for a good bit of our running.

After exchanging pleasantries in the parking lot…we grabbed Kitty”s awesome ’76 shovel flag and jogged over to the beach.

Flag was planted.   No disclaimer.  And we were off.  We all took turns calling the workout excercises which was fun.

Warm Up.

  • SSH, GM’s, Hillbilly’s,  arm circles both ways, merkins and some other stuff.   15 to 20 counts.
  • A few lite running moves…..jog, butt kickers, high knees, caryOkey


  • Pier Double 7’s.
    • Burbees at the Pier start with 1 up to 6, but 2x
    • Jump Squats to the west and star jumps to the east…both starting with 6 down to 1.
  • Soft side 40’s.    AYG down and jog back.   5 times back and forth.
  • Pier double 7’s.
    • Mountain climbers 4 count called by Half. 1 up to 6, 2x.
    • American Hammers 4 count called by Kitty.  6 down to 1.   To the West.
    • Flutter Kicks 4 count called by Burt.  6 down to 1. To the East.
  • Running Jack Web.  Great call Kitty.
    • 1 merkin, 4 Hallelujahs then run 30 yards to the West, then 2 merkins, 8 Hallelujahs, we turned the corner at 5 and 20.   We each called he down merkins about 3 or so times.
  • Discussed and agreed that this would be a 60 minute workout.  Most smart Q’s would have discussed this in the parking lot.
  • Soft sand suicides.   4 lines.  2 x.
  • Mary.  Plank-a-Rama, box cutters, Freddy mercs, LBC’s, WW2, Merkins, Plank Jacks.


  • Count-a-rama.  3
  • Nam-a-rama.
  • We did not announce anything.
  • Kitty took us out.

Naked Moleskin

  • Great fun this am as we all polished our Q skills.
  • Great to work out with such young energetic dudes this am
  • Kitty and Half are embracing all the good stuff that is F3….pleasure working with them.
  • We got sandy.
  • We chatted with a few fisherman who were hanging out on the Pier.
  • We were hoping to see a few surf fisherman…with CarPex shirts on…but we did not.

Pleasure to lead.   Anywhere.  Anytime.



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