Bounty Hunters, F3

Triple Audible – wait, what?

  • When: 07/27/2017
  • QIC: Pet Sounds
  • The PAX: Shank, GTL, Michelob, Sour Mash, Sooner, Hot Lips, Mopar, Qque,PBX, Open Out, Sky Blue, Biner,Parker, Crimson, Snouts, Matlock, Kubota, Whitewater (FNG Kubota’s younger brother), Lulu, Swag, Pickles, Petsounds

How is it possible?  Yes, one audible is acceptable, two questionable, but three?  Who let this guy Q?  YHC says blame Out Open, he is one of the site Qs.  No way should YHC be held accountable for his complete lack of a solid plan.  Yes, there was a plan, maybe shaky but still there was a plan.

How it all went down
2 lines Indian Run to Elementary school back parking lot
circle up for warm up – SSH, Good Morning, Fazio F/R, Merkins, Mountain Climbers
Count off and partner into groups of 3
Audible #1 – Partner standup – needs refinement but will be Great, just ask me.
Mozy to track
Audible #2 3 man round the track merkin claps…. ah what?
re-partner into groups of 2
partners run in opposite directions, 5 merkins when they meet 5x times
Squat hold at start
partner wheelborrow across center of track and back
Dora 100 Wide Arm Merkins, 200 Big Boy Situps, 300 Squats
Audible #3 time running out, head over to the school parking lot
Partner Leg press – P1 standing on curb facing away from P2, P2 on his 6 with feet up in front on P1 rump, P1 leans back onto P2 feet (trust factor) begin leg press x20 each partner
2 lines Indian Run to Elementary school back parking lot
find a patch of grass for Catlina Whine Mixers x 15 IC
LBC x 20 IC
Low Slow Flutter x20 IC
Prayers for Edward 12yr old nephew of Pickles, going through chemo
Announcements – Backpack buddies see Groupme, and Guys weekend open to all carpex pax see groupme

Naked Moleskin – Thank you all for being the influence YHC needs in his life

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