Yep, just got back from Colorado, as my team qualified to compete in the USA Ultimate Frisbee National Championships.  My team hadn’t lost a game since 2014; an unparalleled feat, which resulted in two world championships and one national championship.  So when we lost in the quarterfinals by one point, we were certainly disappointed.  We ended up 5th in the nation, so not too shabby, but we already were planning our return to greatness, which is exactly 360 days from today.  That being said, YHC was still grumpy and planned to bring a solid workout to his other team: F3Carpex.

Opening prayer and thankfulness via YHC.  Stressing how lucky we are to be out on a beautiful morning of fitness, fellowship, and faith.  Reminder that there are plenty of folks who are unable to participate like us—secondary to physical, mental, or emotional limitations.  Don’t take this for granted.

Quick count reveals 17.  Tank tops were abundant!  Jog quickly to the bank for some warm-up in perfect cadence of GM x 5,  hip 360 degree rotations x 5 each way, SSH x 50, 360 degree clock merkins, Saturday Night Stretch x 5.

Fast paced run (.3 miles) to Cary’s downtown park and the stunning fountain.
Circle up for Imperial Squat Walkers x 10 in perfect cadence.
All men get a spot around the fountain and perform Irkins, dips, Derkins x 5 each, then run 360 degrees counterclockwise around the fountain.  Perform the aforementioned 3 sets.  Then perform the same exercises with 360 degree run clockwise. 3 sets.

Mosey to the grassy area just next to fountain.  Get in two groups.
5 cones x 6 yards apart, cones marked as 0, 1, 2, 3, 4.
Group 1 reverse suicide run and performs Freddie Mercurys with reps indicated by cone number (i.e. sprint to cone 4, perform 4 FMs, sprint to cone 0 then to cone 3, perform 3 FMs, etc…).  Group 2 performing plank series.  Flip flop.  Next set is side slides coupled with Bobby Hurleys.  Other group performing mixture of Sumo squats, plank jacks, etc.  Flip flop.  Next set is full speed suicides…well actually reverse suicides.  Other group performs WWII, etc.  Flip flop.

Grab a step for some BCRs:  x 15 on each leg.

Split in three groups for 360 degree loop circuit:
In a rotating fashion:  1. hill sprints—>lunge walk to next circuit,  2.  Burpees—>run down to hill sprint start  3.  Freddy Mercs.    I think we did 3 sets.

2 Lines for fast paced Indian Run from fountain to Waldo corner.
SSH x 30, Hand Release Merkin x 10, Airplane x 15.

Billy Run to Shovel Flag
Fast feet on line: x 20 sec tandem, x 20 sec hops.

Count-a-rama 18.   Name-a-rama.

Backpack Buddies—bring your items for school backpack to any AO site Q, or TermPaper. See F3Carpex.com for item details.
T-shirt design—voting ends soon, so get your top choices noted.  See GroupMe for options.
Pet Sounds trip—-something about a guys weekend trip to a lake in VA; Beach Boy tunes all weekend.

Prayers were requested for YOGI and his son(or daughter), Shank’s son for coping with loss of friend, and Hi-Liter with daughter traveling to CA next week.

Hello Kitty took us out with a big league prayer.

Nekked Mole Skin
Burt brought at least 12 tank tops for men to wear—-he had them proudly displayed on the ground for men to choose—–kinda like a cheap yard sale.  Amazingly, he will wash all the tank tops after the workout!  TankTop Thursday!  Nature Boy was rumored to want to start Tights Tuesday.  Pet Sounds would like to start a LegWarmer Wednesday.  RipTide is interested in launching ShortShorts Saturday.

Just figured out I started F3 a year and three days ago (although I was on IR for 3.5 months).  Feels good to be part of F3Carpex!

In attached video, you will see some hype for the local pro Ultimate team, the Raleigh Flyers.  Their playoff game is Aug 12 at 1 pm at WakeMed Soccer Park.  YHC will be on the PA.  If you want to come watch, I’ll put you on my guest list.  Great for kids too.  DM me if interested.





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