F3, Fitness, Flirtin' With Disaster

A Bridge Too Far

I arrive at AO I normally don’t visit that often (I tend to go to FOD) but I do enjoy this site and the options it brings.  22 PAX show-up on time ready for another beat down.  Welcome FNG Kyrie!  Q starts by getting the guys to grab some curb and do a round of quick feet, a good way to warm up before the warm up.  We head out running slowly around the corner for:

Warm Up

10 Good Mornings

20 Side Straddle Hops

10 Cotton Pickers

10 Sir Fazio Arm Circles

10 Windmills


The Thang

Finish warmup and ask for a count-a-rama, mosey to the left and down the gloomy path to the first bridge to start the first of many rounds of plank-jack webs.  3 rounds here, with two more plank-jack webs at the intersection.

Mosey up to the bridge (have to go to the bridge at this AO), bear-crawl to the halfway point.  After the PAX gather, man is it loud on the bridge, Q shouts out we are doing double-7s, American hammers on one side, burpees on the other with monkey humpers in the middle of the bridge.  To help keep the groups more manageable, I instruct the odd numbers to start in one direction and the even the other.

Finish-up and plank hold to wait for the PAX to finish, throwing in a Shakira for a little variety.

Run back down and finish the plank jacks up to 10, breaking them up between the intersection and the bridge.

Lastly, grab some ego rocks and circle up for some rock workouts, combo’s of curls, presses, extensions, and rows with running a lap in-between.  Head to the basketball court for:


Circle-up and perform some LBCs, dying cockroach, homer to marge, and WW2s before bell tolls 6:30 and we are done.


Count-a-rama:  23 PAX.


Term Paper discussed Backback Buddies and the effort to provide meals to a local school.  Bring your canned goods and other non-perishables to the AOs starting this Thursday and give them to the site Qs.  Term Paper will gather them up at SNS next Wednesday.  Callahan suggested you take the bag and place into your office break room to help get the most goods gathered.

9/11 Stair Climb is scheduled to start at 6:00 AM at Carter-Finley

October 7th 1st CSAUP event the Odyssey.  Will start at Bond Park and travel about 8-10 miles over the next three hours. Details and a new shirt poll to follow.

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