A-Team, F3, Fitness

The Brickyard

  • When: 07/24/2017
  • QIC: Pet Sounds
  • PAX – 20 total

The Brickyard.  

Following along with the message from last week YHC sees F3 as a way for all PAX to challenge themselves to prepare for whatever comes their way. The pavers at first did not feel heavy and were laughed at by some PAX.  However just as in life what starts easy can sometimes derail and turn difficult quickly. To be Life Ready, we must push ourselves through new experiences and challenges. Overcoming these life obstacles provides us the knowledge and strength to rebound when life takes a turn in a direction we had not foreseen. So what do bricks have to do with this, I do not know.  Happy to have that experience in the books and bricks moved to a new home at Ascot’s house.


  • Mozy down the road and up hill to power lines
  • Warm up – SSH, Good Morning, Fozio F/R
  • Mozy back to parking lot to pick up bricks
  • Mozy w bricks to picnic shelter, bricks above head
  • L/R Step up w bricks
  • Derkins on Bricks
  • Roll out back parking circle
  • Count off 1 / 2 – line up – Look across the line – that is your partner
  • P1 run lap w bricks while P2 Bear crawls with bricks, flip and cont until circle complete
  • Mozy with bricks to parking lot near power line trailhead
  • Plankhold with x10IC reverse fly w brick Right then left
  • Split into 2 groups for 7s, Squats at the top, WWII at the bottom
  • Mozy back to load bricks in truck


  • Catilina Whine Maker x15


F3 Expansion – August Fundraising

Back Pack Buddies – see Term Paper email for full details

Prayer Requests

New Babies – Kakhis, Blue and out, and Bones – keep them safe

Praise – SkyBlue – 10 pack mission

Naked Moleskin

Thank you all for being the influence YHC needs in his life

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