Field of Dreams

Parking Lot Pain

14 Pax gathered at FOD on this humid morning to get better.


Run up and down Brooks Park Ln, mix in high knees / high heels / side hops / karaoke

SSH 25x IC and Imperial walkers 10x IC at top

Merkins 10x IC and Mountain climbers 10x IC at bottom

Circle up, count off


Partner up, starting parking lot (meetup spot)

Partner A wheelbarrow to island 1, switch, Partner B to next island, ending on Partner B wheelbarrowing to far island (modify bear crawl as necessary)

Baseball field Bropees run: baseball ‘top big lot’ to baseball ‘bottom big lot’

Run halfway around fields to baseball, plank hold until partner arrives, 4x Bropees

Repeato 2x, finishing at baseball ‘top big lot’

Starting at the ‘top big lot’

Bear crawl from near island to far island

Mosey back

Crab walk from near island to far island (audible middle island)

Sprint from middle island to far island, mosey back to middle, repeat

Mosey over to ‘top small lot’

Partner A carry from near to far island

Partner B carry from far island to near island

Lightpost travel

Lunge walk to 1st post

Travelling burpees to 2nd post

Find a spot on the fence (soccer field 1), balls to the wall, Braveheart count down the line (steady, hold, hold, hold, hold, now (conveniently landed on Sky Blue)

Mosey over to the ‘bottom small lot’


1 minute to spare for Flutter Kicks 25x IC


Announcements: Phoenix half-hour early start 0630

Prayers: Hi-liter working with athletic ministry group in support of young men. Bones M delivering 2.0 No. 3 this weekend (planned induction). All other 2.0’s on the way. Unspoken prayers.

Great Tuesday in gloom!

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