A-Team, Fitness

A-team Ninja Warrriors

Holy open gates Batman! Over the course of the last few months, YHC has gotten pretty used to the gates being closed, so therefore the workouts have all been planned around that being the case for the last several Q’s at YHC’s beloved Ateam. This was the first time plans were foiled due to OPEN gates!

YHC put the EC on neighbor Cliff (Blackout) who was Carpex’s newest FNG. He was the ONLY FNG this fine morning, despite some PAX members taking joy in confusing your hapless Q. The discclaimer was given and off we went.

Jog around the loop
10 GM IC
20 Hillbillies IC
5 Pikes L/R IC
20 Butt Kickers
20 Hackey Sacks
20 King David TT
Burpee Count Off – 24 (Niiiiice!)

Mosey To Basketball Court
Australian MC IC
4 Man Box Plank, as always, with varying levels of success

To Loop – Partner up
P1 Helicopters/P2 runs a lap (2x each)  (PAX seemed to like/hate the helicopters)
Repeato with Nipplers

Looky Looky! The Ninja Warrior course is already open!
Line up single file
4 Scuba Buddha Peel off to obstacle Course
Run through the obstacles, making up the exercises as you go along
Return to the loop for some Mary while the PAX finishes up the obstacle course

Mosey To the base of the Hill
Bottom Cossak Squat
Top 180 Jump Burpees
Repeato, 2 each exercises
Repeato, 3 each exercises

Out of time!!! Back to the parking lot
Hamstring Stretch
High Crab Quad Stretch
Piriformis stretch L/R
High Calf Stretch
Low Calf Stretch
10 Merkins OYO

This was an introduction to the Obstacle course. YHC had only glanced at it before. At least we got to run through it once. Hopefully that was good enough to inspire some new workouts using our awesome equipment. We just have to figure out how to keep everyone spread out.

Water Bottle Collection for Raleigh Homeless Shelter lead by M4L of Southwake, get bottles to YHC by Wed, or drop them by his house by Thursday
FIA Saturday July 22nd 8am
Phoenix moved to 6:30am
2nd F lunch at Players Retreat Friday 11:45
Look out for Q opportunities. There are some in the coming weeks!

Welcome Blackout – FNG
Prayers – Health for Edward, Pickles Nephew
Back to Announcements – Yogi tossed out a possible Tuesday Workout in Apex. Mull it over.
Back to Prayers – Fortitude and Saftey for Old Maid at Scout Jamboree
Back to Announcements – Sasquatch in Greensboro, in honor of Papa Smurf

YHC took us out.

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