Where to?

Pax.  Aristocrat,  Asystole, Bo Jackson, Dice, Disco Duck, Banjo
2 for EC, Asystole and Banjo, run to Cary Arts Center, dips and derkins, return.
Gather pax and jog down Ambassador to Academy with stop on the way to warm up, SSH, imp Walker, Mtn climber,  low plank hold,  oyo good pm and windmills,  calf and pigeon stretches.  
Thang: At each street intersection, pax calls exercise and next running direction, left-right-straight-return. Exercises in counts of 2, 3, 6, 9, or 18. At each successive intersection,  complete all prior exercises and then add next exercise. Pax must complete 1 segment bear crawl and 1 segment lunge walk.
Starting at intersection of Ambassador and Academy:
3 burpees, left
9 diamond merkins, left
6 hammers, right, lunge walk
6 box cutters, right
6 squats, left, bear crawl
2 burpees, straight
3 monkey humpers, straight
9 dips, straight
18 derkins, stop
Where are we?
Return to flag, to complete above round. Bo Jackson led us in 18 Freddy Mercuries.
Announcements:  FIA launches Saturday 8 am Bond Park,   Phoenix 6:30 start for balance of summer,  9-11 stair climb, water bottles to Hot Spot, 
Prayer concerns:  Down Under’s daughter; Scott Waldrup, friend of Aristocrat, killed while saving two children
Banjo took us out.
Beautiful day to serve, great day for fellowship

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