Phoenix Phun in the Sun

It’s getting hot.  So hot this was the last 0700 start to Phoenix this summer.  No worries though, YHC planned for the second half of the workout to be in the shade.  That made it easy.  Right guys?

20 PAX:  3 total FNGs posted, all 2.0s ready to rumble in the big leagues, so the disclaimer was given (to their legal guardians) and we were off to the kiosk to warm up.

The Thang

3 Laps around New Hampshire (.5 miles per lap) with “4 corners” of exercises each lap.  Exercises went 10 reps, 20, 30, 40, going up each stop.

Lap 1 – Upper Body:  Burpees, CDDs, Rock Curls, Air Presses
Lap 2 – Lower Body:  Jump Lunges, Squats, Mountain Climbers, SSHs
Lap 3 – Core:    WWIIs, V Ups, DC, LBCs

#PickUpThe6 each lap

Run out to the main road and line up for a Burpee Indian Run.  Pick the slow lane or fast lane.  Run to the big picnic shelter

* Enjoyed lots of teamwork, encouragement, motivation being shouted throughout the day.  Was a tight group of guys and was fun to lead!

At the shelter get in four lines down the four lanes of picnic tables.

Jacob’s Ladder  –  Racoon Crawl down the benches, 1 Urkin, Bear Crawl back, 2 Urkins, down for 3, back for 4, etc until we got to 10.

GET SOME WATER!  It’s getting hot in heeerrre!  Now slowsey to the greenway down by the lake/boat house.

Greenway 7s  –  Knee to ground touches (L/R = 1) and Jump Squats? I don’t remember…

Mosey back to parking lot and circle up in the shade.  Q got us back late, my bad…

Welcome FNGS

Dice 2.0s – Baby Ruth and Moneyball
Old Maid 2.0 – Zip Drive (Zip)

#TCLAPS – @discoduckcarpex on his first Carpex 6Pack!!

It was a great morning.  Really fun group of guys to lead today.  Much appreciated.

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