Fitness, Kryptonite

Sledding in July, who knew.

Sleds in July! YHC dusted the cobwebs from the ol’nog’n to come up with a limited run workout that would entertain the PAX looking for a fast pace….  Here goes.

Shutin stated to Aspartame at 5:25 oh there will be others.  And as he finished that sentence in roles 4 more….  Something about Kryptonite, is it the 15 minutes earlier, or the location.  YHC was pumped to have 7 PAX show even with the limited run preblast / warning.  Who knew Franklin would still come out knowing it was a limited run… luckily YHC stepped up to the challenge to create a Hi-Tempo beatdown.

Go Time 1750 Warm Up

  • Jog to Denali at the end of the parking lot, con’t jog
  • SSH x 50 (IC)  (just bc 25 is not enough)
  • Imperial Walker x 25 (IC)
  • Good Morning x 20 (IC)
  • Merkins x 20 (OMD)
  • Hold It
  • Mountain Climbers x 20 (IC)
  • Jog to steps for box jumps

Thang One:  

  • Jog to Covered Porch, Left/Right Step ups x 20 (tried IC – that really does not work)
  • Jog to the Wall by concessions, B2W 7×10 count
  • Jog to Covered Porch, Dips x 20 (IC)
  • Jog to the Wall by concessions, B2W 7×10 count
  • Run to Covered Porch, Earkins x 20 (IC)
  • Jog to the Wall by concessions, B2W 7×10 count
  • Jog to the Parking Lot for Thang 2


Thang Two – Sled time!:

  • Con’t jog to my truck and pull out the toys – gently used pallets full of ticks, spiders, termites, dirt, weeds, etc
  • Partner 1 jog with pallet around the corner.  
  • Partner 2 jog to other end of lot and Plank Hold
  • Partner 1 Bear Crawl Pallet Slide (push the pallet across the lot) to Partner 2
  • Flip flop x3 times
  • Partner 2 jog with pallet back to truck and drop pallets.
  • PAX was gassed so we took a lap around the parking lot to catch our breath
  • Circle up with the pallets for more fun
  • 5 PAX w a pallet each, 2 PAX Derkins off the tailgate
    • Equals 7 stations for those counting
  • Turkish Pallet Get Ups with military press
    • Yes, it stucked
    • Yes, it was hard – just ask Shut-In he whined from the start.  Something about is back and chiropractor visit.
  • Rotate all stations, then…
  • Another rotation this time with just Derkins and Military Press (F3 name?) x20
    • Yes all 7 stations
    • Yes it sucked
    • No one whinned
  • Already in the parking lot for Mary


  • LBC x 50 (IC)
  • Plank hold
  • Plank hold Right arm up with a x 15 sec
  • Plank hold Left arm up with a x 15 sec
  • Plank hold



FIA start date 7/22 after Phoenix – get your M there!

Durham Bulls game 7/23 – see Burt

Prayer Requests

Franklin Travel to Amsterdam, Fluoride Mission Trip, Shut-in M friend in a dark place emotionally, Surcharge for is double stint heart procedure

Naked Moleskin

Thank you all for being the influence YHC needs in his life

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