Bradford's Ordinary, F3


Originally planned this workout for my July 4th Q at FOD until that got hijacked. Thus the 4 theme. Fortoenately, this weeks BO Q became available at the last minute due to an unfortoenate event. Anyways, 14 men showed up for this week’s BO Q. No FNGs, no Burt, 5 respects and 3 hates.


  • Jog down to the fountain and circle up
  • 20 SSH, 10 GMs, 15 PJs, 10 mountain climbers
  • Jog to the lower field at Cary Elementary


  • Line up at one end of the field and sprint to the other end
  • 40 seconds of prisoner squats, AMRAP
  • 40 seconds of crab cakes, AMRAP
  • 40 seconds of burpees, AMRAP
  • 40 seconds of jump lunges, AMRAP
  • Jog back to the starting line
  • Mucho Chesto: 10 each, regular merkins, wide-grip merkins, diamond merkins, offset right merkins, offset left merkins (2nd and 3rd sets led by Banjo and TP, respectively)
  • Mary: 20 hammers, 20 LBCs, 15 heel touch, 10 dying cockroach (J Lo for the 3rd set led by Callahan)

repeat 3 more times

Not enough time for the last set of Mucho Chestos and Marys.
Jog back to Waldo. Billy run to the parking lot.
  • Extended deadline for Durham Bulls game on 7/23 is 7/7
  • First FIA at Bond Park will be on Saturday, July 22nd at 8:15a
  • Burt’s friend Doug and his platoon in Afghanistan
  • Callahan’s young friend Luke
  • Safe travels and best for Mississippi while he attends ministry school
  • Prayers and praises for Banjo’s friend who will be paddle boarding the Keys to raise awareness for …

YHC took us out. Fun was had by all. It was a pleasure to lead.

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