Victory of Bed Eluded

8 pax: YHC Banjo, Bartman, Texas Ranger, Ma Bell, Enough, Ascot, WWW, Disco Duck

YHC’s mind and body were exhausted following the 1776 Revolution yesterday, but even the common victory of a bed eluded me. I removed myself from the bedly comforts, body tight and sore, but not broken, ignoring the cats meow’s and the family slumber.

Panic seared through my veins, remembering with a disheartened mind today’s Q at Tortoises. Any posting following the 1776 Revolution had an austere appeal.

I was aware the physical pleasure of slumber meant a distraction and lies. The thrill was a sign of wrongness. It was as if the memories were not my own. I backed away from the Godless thought as if it were a sucking vortex.

With eyes closed and head lowered, I whispered and thought a small prayer to myself. “I am your servant, your dog, your blade, put me to use”. And in the moment, I felt a hand, a nudge reaching down drawing me forward.

If God simply handed one what was needed, then the journey was over before it began. Grace is but offered with the asking while the great commission requires action, discomfort, hardship, adventure, difficulties and challenges. As we are created in gods image, we are so commissioned to be artist, creators, making the world a better place, more holy. There are evils in the world, as God’s servants, we can defeat them, and help save and nurture people.

Tortoises does not claim to be more than it is and embodies a form of modesty. While it can be every bit as harsh as the next a.o., those that devote themselves to it’s ways can find revelations beyond knowing. Honor needs no audience.

But on this day, seven men, now eight, press forward. Of those, there were four, now five, returning from yesterday’s revolution. Disco duck full of enthusiasm. Ma Bell, beat up but energetic. Texas Ranger ever graceful. And YHC stepping between wanton regret and wisdom earned through painful application. Then there was WWW, a welcoming site following so many sidelined days of work. And the brothers Ascot and Enough, full of joy and merryment, though they each have 8 kids. And then slides in Bartman, who at beyond the last minute forsake the fart sack following yesterday’s Revolution.

Shall we begin?

Warmup with SSH, good am and windmills OYO whilst we fellowship, IW, SIR Fazio Arm Circles, arm stretches immediately followed by 3 burpees at each line for 16 lines. Bartman slides in on two wheels midway through the Burpees.

Grab cores and line up. 10 of each of the exercise. Run to the end of parking lot and back after 1-2, 1-4, 1-6, 1-8

Round 1
1-2. Curls and shoulder presses with cores
1-4. Repeat #1 above plus Merkins and Freedom hammers
1-6. Repeat #2 above plus Homer to Marge x 2 (called by brothers Ascot and Enough, each with 8 kids. Like they need more practice)
1-8. Repeat # 3 above plus Jump squats and flutter kicks

Round 2
1-2. Freddie mercury and LBC
1-4. Repeat # 1 above plus bear crawls and squats
1-6. Repeat #2 above plus Woodchoppers with cores left then right

Put cores away, circle up, we’re done

F2 at Durham Bulls July 23.
FIA starts July 22 at 8 following the Phoenix workout, get with Earhart

Prayers: WWW vacation to the Outer Banks next week, Ascot closing on a house, and two others

Banjo took us out. Thanks men for this awesome experience

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