Field of Dreams

The CarPEX Declaration Celebration

In honor of this Carpex’ declaration of independence this year from F3 Raleigh, we hijacked the nation’s birthday…no this was about America. And Independence. And Revolution. And Democracy. And Old Glory. And rockets red glare. And Freedom. And moon shots. And heroes. And Bald Eagles. And the Greatest Got Dang country in the world! And it all started in 1776. So 35 of Carpex’ and 2 of F3 Raleigh’s finest did this. No need to retype it.

Oh yeah, we had patriotic music while we “celebrated,” including Miley Cyrus to the Grateful Dead to Jimi Hendrix and e’erthang in between!

And I know I didn’t capture everyone’s name who was there. But you know you were there. You sweated. You suffered. You picked somebody up who needed it. If you really want credit, just @ me in Twitter or GroupMe. I ain’t hard to find, and these posts ain’t hard to edit.


Count-o-rama: 37
Name-o-rama: The finest men in all the land – including 3 FNGs
BOM: Ma Bell took us out


YHC sustained an unfortunate injury over the preceding weekend and needed to modify and partner up to complete the 1776. Much thanks to Sky Blue, Kanye and Crimson. I also saw many other instances of teamwork, encouragement, picking up the six, and iron sharpening iron. It was a pleasure to spend 1½ hours with a great group of men.

Outfit of the Day (and corresponding quote of the day that you can read on Twitter) goes to Bartman. Hello Kitty was a close second!

Best joke of the day goes to Hermes: “There are only two kinds of countries – those on the metric system and those who have been to the moon.” Flip Flop had a couple of dandies also.

Best sport of the day has to be Sky Blue. Our token Brit took the ribbing in stride.

The real Ma Bell out.

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