Danger Zone

The Pax Shilted Themselves

15 PAX showed up for the third installment of YHC’s Q week.  Rumors of Sharknado swirled (pun intended), but an audible was called, and a beatdown then delivered.

The McCants Warmup: Jog, backwards run and bear crawl around the pickle, Derkins, Dips, Urkins, walking balls to the wall, lunges, walking balls to the wall, gorilla walks

Thang: 11s on the field with burpees and CCDs, Suicides with recovery on People’s Chair and Balls to the Wall

Mary: 111 LBCs, Merkins

NMS: Yogi wore a shilt, which were some kind of shorts/kilts combo.  He’s also looking for a marathon buddy and willing to grill meat pre-Bulls game (sign up deadline today). Praises going up for Repeato 2.0 2.0, prayers going up for Highlighter and his father.  Be strong brother!  Penalty Merkins for Hello Kitty, who decided his keys belonged in his locked trunk.  Look for YHC on the YouTube for FF’s newest installment of 40 to the Flag.

PAX: McCants, Large Mouth, Chanticleer, Shank, Yogi, Biner, Free Lunch, Periogi, Flip Flop, Smokey, Ollie, PBX, Ma Bell, Hello Kitty (aka AAA), Highlighter

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