Shakin Not Stirred

Christmas in (almost) July

Dozens of PAX gathered on the grounds of Bond Park this morning for the second installment of YHC’s Q-o-Rama.  Most were unaware that between Rip Tide’s being, in, out, in, out, in, and then out again of the Topsail convergence, YHC had pre-blasted a clear clue to today’s theme: Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Warmup: SSH and jog to the field

Thang: Christmas in June (because YHC is effing busy come July), Days 1-12, and then Days 12-1, all single count (because YHC is cheap)

Day 1: 1 Merkin

Day 2: 2 All You Gots (down and back = 2), 1 Merkin

Day 3: 3 Squat Jumps, 2 AYG, 1 Merkin

Day 4: 4 Plank Janks (and so on)

Day 5: 5 Burpees

Day 6: 6 CDDs

Day 7: 7 Calf Raises

Day 8: 8 Monkey Humpers

Day 9: 9 Mountain Climbers

Day 10: 10 FMs

Day 11: 11 Star Jumps

Day 12: 12 LBCs

Mary: Homer to Marge (aka ode to Yoga Mat), LBCs, Standard Merkins

NMS: Angry Elf LOVES some James Brown.  Bo Jackson scratched his head at all the talk of YHC’s Bose Speaker being so old it needed antennae.  Cast Iron’s post makes it three in a row.  Repeato’s wife may go into labor at any moment, but even this cannot break Repeato’s dedication to F3 (i.e. he posted this morning and his wife is five days overdue).  YHC has determined Large Mouth is not intentionally avoided YHC.

PAX: McCants (QIC), Large Mouth, Cast Iron, Khakis, Chanticleer, Angry Elf, Bartman, Repeato, Chinese Downhill, Dice, Bo Jackson, Beaker, Burt, Ma Bell, Yoga Mat, WKRP, Lulu, Swag, Sky Blue, Shut In, Term Paper, Water Wings, Barker, Hello Kitty

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