Field of Dreams

It is all about the trip

25 PAX showed for my first Q in a while.  YHC is used to being avoided and “Q Shopped” with all the new AOs and multiple options per day.  Before this, it was just fartsacking. Nothing new……… I was delighted to see 48 eyeballs, at least 18 which I have never seen.  With my boy McCants wrecking folks over at FWD, YHC was not to be outdone.

Warm-up – Jog uphill, all the way to the top parking lot.  Circle up for 20 merkins, 20 SSH, 10 GM, 20 plank jacks, 10 IW, 20 mnt climbers……hold it………20 merkins.

The Thang – Travelling all the way to the other parking lot at the entrance to USA Baseball.  Between the light poles, rotate between bearcrawl, lungewalk, and run.  At each light pole – 3 burpees.  The trip took a midway plank hold to gather the 6, then continued as planned.  Totaled about 7 cycles and 21 x 3 burpees.  And about 30 minutes.

Once at the large upper parking lot, starting at one side, sprint to the other side – stopping at each island for 5 merkins, increasing by 5 at each stop.  Total 75 merkins.
Return trip across the parking lot same plan but star jumps.

Split into 2 lines for indian run return to the shovel flag.

COT – 25 count, good mix of respects and hates.
Announcements – 4th of July convergence at FOD, I think MaBell is leading 1776 merkins and eight miles of running.  Last day to sign up for the F3 Carpex Bulls game outing in Friday.
Prayers – Banjos trip to be with his best friend whose father just pasted away.
YHC took us out.

– Lots of new faces made it difficult to remember all the PAX.
– One PAX, who was new to me said he would be sure to never show for another Largemouth Q………….success!!
– Someone – I believe maybe Cheddar Bo, stole FNG Ascot’s Nalgene water bottle.  Not nice people!
– Really great to be back out to FOD today, it has really taken off under the new leadership.
– Hamburglar is the best name I’ve heard this year, great work Carpex.  And it just fits.
– Earhart really loves to call 2 line indian run, double applesauce.  Around him, YHC intentionally does not.

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