Who says that running is my Kryptonite

We had a solid crew at Kryptonite this morning and apparently the mumble chatter started early.

When YHC arrived 2 minutes before the stated start time, there was already rumblings about whether or not I was aware of the 5:30 start time.  Kelly brothers bet wrong, Term Paper had my back.  Hermes was Switzerland and Chanticleer, Denali and Fluoride had yet to arrive.

Boys were getting out of their cars as the clock hit the appointed hour so off we went – down the path toward the amphitheater, 2 quick lefts and a right and circled up at the light for

Warm up

15 – GM 10 –IW, 10 – HB, 10 – Hacky Sack to show solidarity with the A-Team Q today

Next, time for some running – of course.  Run along Ederle turning right on Regency and stopping at the 2nd entrance to the greenway you come to

At each road crossing (and the greenway entrance), 10 merkins, 15 squats, run back and tag the six before continuing on.  Once all arrived at the greenway entrance, plank hold until all in attendance and hold until Denali improves his plank form.

Brief recovery and then we were off again into the greenway – stop before each bridge for 25 LBCs and bear crawl bridge.  Group 1 take the right fork – (Denali, Chanticleer, Fluoride, Shut In, Hermes), Group 2 take the left fork (YHC, Open Out, Term Paper).

When groups met – 10 Inclined merkins, 10 declined merkins, and LBCs until everyone is completed.

Follow me back to the parking lot

Partner up – run in separate directions and when you meet your partner 10 Toddler squats (we did this 5 times), continuing with 10 partner merkins (5 more meetings).  Yes, the guy getting ready to roller blade did make fun or our toddler squats-  but he just doesn’t understand F3 nation.

After 10 sets, Mary – 24 – LBCs, 15 – WW2s, 20 – Freddy Mercs.

A pleasure to lead you men this morning – and pleased to hear the report that we hit the 3 mile mark today – in addition to the 90 merkins, 155 squats and assorted other exercises.

No solid announcements-  just some rumblings around whether or not there should be a convergence on July 4th and the 1776 workout.

Also – no prayers this morning.

YHC took us out.

2 thoughts on “Who says that running is my Kryptonite

  1. Hope this wasn’t just a “box checker” appearance and Q from you and Term! Hope to see you guys more than once more each out there! Great Q, Q. Enjoyed it ,,,except the running and merkins and squats and bear crawls and other various exercises.


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