Self Driving Q

YHC and 4 members of the F3CARPExDIEM BRR Team spent the weekend battling mountains, so there were to be no squats today. While the PAX waited at the locked front gate, a local seasoned citized walked up and informed the PAX the he had just seen a video with a self driving bike. He couldn’t belive we would send our kids to school on a self driving bike. What’s next? BONG – 6:45 sharp – after a quick scan for FNG’s we were off (Whoops)

Mosey to the first parking lot
20 SSH IC- What? There’s an FNG? YHC issued perhaps the first disclaimer in cadence. (Welcome Hamburglar)Hamburglar_still_and_awestruck
10 Imperial Walkers IC
5 Penalty Burpees (Old Maid, something about a closed road)
Burpee Countoff – 20 (YHC – Yeay! PAX – Grumble)

Mosey to the electrical line parking lot
10 GM IC
20 Hackey Sacks IC

Mosey to the top of the back parking lot
5 Dynamic Pike stretches, each side IC
10 King David TT IC

Mosey To Basketball Court
Partner Up, Size Matters
Partner Cary Suicide (Just to the two free throw lines)
10 Australian MC IC
4 Man Box Plank, 8 Box Merkins OMD

To the Loop
100 Merkins
200 WW2s
300 American Hammers
Plankorama waiting to finish
OK fine, Squat Hold (YHC, Grumble Grumble)
15 American Hammers as a Group to finish off.


Mosey to the front Parking Lot
10 Marching HTM IC (Yes McCants, of course there is Marching)
5 each side Leg Extension HTM IC
20 LBC
High Calf Stretch L/R
Low Calf Stretch L/R
Piriformis stretch L/R
Hamstring Stretch

Welcome Hamburglar

FIA Launch

July 4th Convergence at  Field of Dreams

Prayers – Goose’s Son, Chinese Downhill’s Mom, Cheech and his Family,


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