Beyond the Wall

Welcome to the HIGH Road

11 for The Battering Ram, Hooker Field in the Heart of UNC: Beano, Big Cat, Blackball, Coco, Dean Woermer, Ito, Kitty, Lo Pair, Riggs, Zika, and Banjo

YHC arrived early to plant the #F3RushHour shovel flag. And with that, for EC, Beano and Banjo rucked off to the UNC campus with Beano as the tour director. Pretty cool campus. Lots of toys and future ideas – keep your friends close and your enemies closer. With some good fellowship, we head back to Hooker to pick up the pax.

Head down to Hooker for warm-up; SSH, Good AM and Windmills OYO while we share life, imperial walker, mtn climbers, low plank hold.

Recover on the jog down the hill to the corner of Greenwood and Raleigh Roads with stop in Raleigh Rd parking lot for squat pulses and plank jacks.

At Greenwood / Raleigh Road return up the hill with 5 burpees at every power pole to Country Club. 20 poles in total. Substitute 10 star jumps or 15 merkins as necessary.

Indian run to “the Pit” and circle up at the tree for Irkens, Dips, Box Jumps. 10 – 15 ct each, 5 rounds.

Jog back to Hooker Field.

Mary led by Big Cat, Dean Woermer, Ito, Kitty, and Zika [less than 5 Q’s under their belt], 2 rounds each of assorted abs. YHC was partial to Dean Woermer’s Yoga moves.

Blackball requested suicides were Q approved and then we moseyed to some shade for COT.

Announcements: We discussed some safety measures. YHC challenged the Churham men to include I.C.E. contact in your SLACK profile. It is a closed group Riggs, no one will be calling your wife.

Prayer concerns: John Flanagan and family. #SleevelesslikeCheech

Praises: the men of F3. As Mr. Brady stated, “Brothers, if you ever wonder what your place in humanity is, remember how this ‘one man’ none of us knew impacted all of us. We are all that ‘one man’

Banjo took us out.

It has been a pleasure to serve the men of CHURHAM



  • Why the Ram? It started back preseason with a standing bet with Coco, UK vs UNC. UK took that first game in the pre-conference warm up with a win where both teams played exceptionally well, yet UK was the victor and Coco, with the support of Beano, lead the beat down at Bond park. And it REALLY sucked.
  • Then it became “Madness” to have to Q The Battering Ram because Luke Maye hit a last second shot to tip the scales in favor of UNC over KY. In all honesty, UK played horribly, like a bunch of average freshman that just did not want it bad enough.
  • This Kentucky boy chose to step up the game. By the end, more people were upset with Coco for his betting behavior than the Q for the Kentucky beat down.
  • YHC took the high road, YHC was after all among friends and enemies. But we quickly headed to the low road, just to return.
  • Like any good game, you have to know the challenger. They had home court advantage. 7 days of Scouting reports revealed some weaknesses and strengths; ie their weaknesses and YHC’s strengths [Hills and Burpees]. A win was in sight. Sadly, YHC was bested by Kitty. The man has some wheels, YHC stayed on his heels [really bad pun]. But for a Wildcat to be bested by a Kitty and not a Heel brought just a little comfort.
  • YHC kept it clean and easy, well easy to understand, though Riggs hated the squat pulses and does not want anyone calling his wife. Big Cat was out of his element, no lunge walks…not planned. Ito got in just a little running, but he needed some cross training. Blackball with his painted on Iron Man tattoo finished strong. Beano blew out early. Lo Pair delivered the first blow with the not so subtle reminder of Luke Maye’s less than endearing final shot. It was pretty cool having some fellowship with Dean Woermer. That might be the only time that YHC enjoyed talking with a Dean. [Rabbit, if you read this, you two would enjoy one another’s fellowship]. Coco, though a little late arriving on two wheels, was solid. Ever the up-lifter. I’ll have to get to know Zika a little better.
  • It was a great two weeks leading to the Battering Ram with several Scouting Reports from: Kenan, Ramses, Orange County Line, Animal House, Devils Ridge, The Big Dance, and The Falcon. It has been great venturing out, learning new ways to do much of the same thing, getting ones ass kicked.
  • I look forward to a rematch, Coco.
  • Doogie and Riggs have stepped up to represent their Devils in a standing Q bet vs the Cats. Glad to have another challenger.
  • YHC is not a NBA fan. But with the Sacramento Kings drafting, Fox, Jackson and Giles, YHC thinks we have all found some common ground

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