Bradford's Ordinary


15 men descended on BO for YHC’s 2nd Q of the week, no music this week, but a good selection of sleeveless tops kindly offered round to PAX… 5:45 rolled around Burt made a short announcement about F3 Cheech before we set off.

Warm Up:

Warm up run, via a scenic route (long way round) to the Fidelity circle…for 4 x SSH; 0 x Merkins, followed by a variable numbers of good mornings; cotton picker; mountain climber; plankjacks intended to add up to multiple of 40’s….however after a recount, our independent adjudicator (Angry Elf) declared we were 2 short….so:  2 x Merkins then follow me for:

The Thangs:

Run to the Page-Walker hotel, where we lounged on the porch whilst partnering up, and then with our partners did a total of 40 Toddler Squats and 40 Burpees.

Recovery run round to the ground floor of the parking deck.  Partner 1 run to far end & up one flight of stairs, P2 start at near end & up one flight of stairs, Bearcrawl until you meet your partner and then 40 merkins each and then run to stairwell & up next flight of stairs, where you Bearcrawl until you meet your partner and then 40 squats each and then run to stairwell & up next flight of stairs, and on the top deck, Bearcrawl to your partner & then 40 star jumps – plank hold when done.  REPEATO back down the stairs, with 20 squats and 20 merkins.

Recovery run around to station for a (very) quick Abbey Road Lunge walk at the crossing.

Back to Waldo street for a 2 line Billy run to the shovel flag – line 1 = under 40, line 2 = 40 or over.


Mary – 40 LBC’s for good measure.

Announcements – Burt’s Bulls game sign up by 6/30 for the game against Lehigh Valley Iron on 7/23 – various payment methods, most of which are legal, are available;  Dee Dee’s 5k Saturday 6/24; FIA launch 7/22; check the chronicle for all latest news.

Prayers – F3 Cheech (who we found out later tragically didn’t recover & passed away – RIP Cheech); Cally’s friends 3 year old son, Luke, who is awaiting a prognosis on his suspected cancer; Burt’s brother-in-law John who is about to start on a clinical trial that is hoped to yield good results for him; Goose and his son Cam.  All other unsaid prayers & praises


  • Driving over to the best AO in downtown Cary this morning, at precisely 5:37am, as the sun was beginning to rise, the sky was majestic – an absolute beauty full of pinks and reds – picture below does not do it justice, but you get the idea…..very humbling.
  • Surprisingly, the wave-sculpture at Fidelity had disappeared.  If anyone knows of its whereabouts, please call Cary Crime Stoppers tip line at (919) 460-4636
  • Burt was offended by the Billy run age discrimination so entered the under 40 line up, and I think won from what I could see 😉

Thanks Men – appreciate starting the day I turned 40 with you all….thanks for letting me lead & inspiring me to be the best I can every day.

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