Insomnia, Shakin Not Stirred, Vesper

Get up and Get after it

17 pax posted at SNS and Vesper. And there were umpteen #BackslidingFartsackers

SHAKIN NOT STIRRED: Angry Elf, Bartman, Chanticleer, Joe Smith, Mississippi,  Saban, Smokey, SWAG, YHC Banjo

VESPER GROUP 2: Denali, Michelob, Old Maid,

VESPER GROUP 1: Chinese Downhill, Grease Monkey, Hermes, McCants, Shut-in

Insomnia idiots:  Callahan, Term Paper, and one other


It seems that my little challenge with Disco Duck scared a few fearful men away.

Odds are @F3_SnS WILL BE more difficult than #F3Tortoises

>heart rate 



>Coloric burn

If you are so sensitive that a few words can fill you with dread and despair, that you fear the unknown within familiarity, you need this more than ever. As QIC, the responsibility is large, to serve you in a manner that is relevant and necessary. We are not volunteers for #FartsackersAnnon, we do not give credit to the wayward couch potato.  We stand tall and firm, we are resolute in pushing ourselves in the uncomfortable. We demand more, knowing the price must be paid, DAILY. And if the words of this lowly recovering fartsacker scare you, know that you are not alone.


Step away from your LazyBoy and into your NIKEs and JUST DO IT

But not everyone strayed.

There are no FNGs so we’re off towards the boat dock parking lot with a stop at the top of Kiosk Hill for warm up. SSH, good mornings and windmills OYO while the Pax share life, Imperial Walker, mountain climber, calf stretches, Willie Mays Hayes. Resume 3-man Indian Run to the parking lot.

Parking Lot: 3 burpees at each line in the parking lot to the end. Pick up and finish with the 6 when done. [17 lines]. Much easier to stomach than to tell the men to drop for 51 burpees.

Mosey to the playground for half Cindy: 10 Rounds: 5 pull ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats.

Mosey to the Kiosk and choose a partner of a different speed than yourself. Partner 1 AYG to the top of the hill, around the pole and back. Partner 2 AMRAP merkins. Two rounds. American hammers on round 3

Indian run back to the flag.

Mary led by Joe Smith, Mississippi, Smokey, and SWAG, all of whom are ready to step up and Q.

Lots of prayers; Goose’s son, McCants, Mississippi’s sister, SWAGs bro and others.

McCants took us out with some very eloquent and meaningful words.

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