Unconventional Teaser

Four pax, asystole, ma bell, Mercy Me, banjo for another unconventional teaser.

MercyMe is running 10 minutes late. Asystole returns from his extra credit and the remaining pax gather and head over to the front of city hall for typical warm-up. Jog back to the flag, stopping at the handrail for 10 slow count Australian pull ups.

Pick up Mercy Me, 10 more Australian pull-ups, and jog to the train track rock pile for an extra large ego Rock; 10 cc curls and 10 rock Rows.

Drop the rock and grab a sizable one handed rock. Let’s mosey over to the Cary Chamber of Commerce

Too line suicide sans rock at start and between each set below.
Reverse crab walk to end pushing rock.
Bear crawl pushing rock to end
Crab walk pushing rock
Reverse bear crawl pulling rock
3 sets of 20 Merkins sprinkled in the above

4 Man Indian run back to the flag, 20 Merkins and 10 Australian pull ups on the way.

Circle up for assorted Mary including 20 more Merkins

Remove your shoes and socks, head over to the fountain for COT.

Prayer concerns: goose’s son and family. Assorted other prayers were mentioned.

Banjo took us out

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