Dueling Banjo 2/2

3 pax at Rush Hour June 13, 2017. Asystole, Mercy Me [tardy or not?], YHC Banjo and visitor John for about 15 minutes

Dueling Banjo 2/2
Again deadly weapons left behind, Cary has an issue within the city; we attacked, no destroyed that sedate city lifestyle.

Jog to Cary Arts Center, 5 rounds of 10 Merkins, 10 Dips. Recover with spider monkeys on the rails. Time caught up with us, Asystole ducks his head in the fountain and then we take a fast jog back to the flags.

Warm up around the flagpoles waiting for Mercy Me: good am, windmills, mtn climbers, and choice stretches.

Mosey to parking deck, backpedal up the ramps and side skip the flats to the top. Stairwell to basement for 11s;   1-10 Burpees at top and 10-1 squat jumps at the bottom. Assorted ab exercises at midway point.

Mosey back to flag for Mary, routine stuff. With the departure of asystole, mercy me and YHC complete additional stretches.

With Mary done, shoes come off and we head over to the fountain to cool off with feet in the water during COT.

Prayers go out to to Asystole on a potential new job near his hometown in Fort Collins Colorado.

This heat is getting brutal. Stairwell 11s is almost too much.
We were briefly joined by John who was headed to camp gladiator. He got to work out with us for about 15 minutes.  Hope to see him out some other Tuesday.
With a little F3 marketing, we lost track of time and realized we had five minutes to get from the Cary Arts Center to the flagpoles to pick up MercyMe.
MercyMe did not follow F3 protocol. We start on time, and try to end on time. At 5:40, MercyMe headed off following the route we took last week. He caught up with us just in time for Mary.

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