Insomnia, Shakin Not Stirred, Vesper

New Hampshire Sunrise

23 Pax for Shaken Not Stirred,4 Pax for Vesper, 5 Pax for Insomnia

Q – Hermes, YHC

Insomnia ran about 4.5 miles or so, I really don’t know exactly.

I have no idea how far Vesper ran, but they did swing by New Hampshire and they were late for COT, I assume they covered at least 6.5 miles in the 46 minutes.


Run down to trail to parking lot, circle up for some typical warm up: SSH, Sir Farzios, Hillbillies, Good Mornings

Partner up on the run down the path by the ball fields.  Form two lines along the path, plank hold, bear crawl inchworms to crawl bear inchworm.

Jog to the dam (ie: New Hampshire).  Partner Dora 1 2 3 – 100 Burpees, 200 Squats, 300 LBCs.  P1- run down to trash can and do 1 star Jump.

Jog back down path, squat hold to wait on six, plank hold to wait on six, one-arm merkins x 5 each arm.

Run to billy run start line, circle up on the nice smooth asphalt for Mississippi led flutter kicks x 25ish.  CAR!!!

Heat 1 – sub 200 lb (ie- stallions) line up for billy run back to flag

Heat 2 – 200+lb (ie- Clydesdales) line up for billy run back to flag.

COT, Announcements –

F3 Dads this Saturday 8:00 Am at community center parking lot at Bond Park (the respect’s are apparently having a yard sale and bingo tournament at the senior center).  Phoenix will be from 630-730 at regular location to accommodate.  F2 lunches, a charity run, etc.  Get on GroupMe or this website or ask around for more details.

Prayer Requests – Goose’s son with medical issues, Mississippi’s sister with major life transitions/moving/job/divorce, Mississippi with Chaplain training for the National Guard in Fort Knox, Praises for Khaki’s family addition and new job!


Sitting here at work, just got back from a meeting, I have a pile of work on my desk to do, so I will procrastinate and write this up first!  Priorities.

How about Joe Smith, he has really stepped up his game.

I am very grateful for all these guys that set up all this communication stuff.

The sunrise was nice, but not nearly as impressive as the Kryptonite sunrise on Monday.  Neither of which compare to an inverted sunrise at FWD!

It was an honor to lead you fellas this morning.


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