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Saban v. McCants – Who Brings the Pain

So pardon the informality of this post, but we’ve got a new Word Press and it appears my computer doesn’t like it.  Much like I don’t like weak ass trash talk on the Twitter.  There’s nothing worse than some guy sitting around in a schmedium tank top, waiting on his mom to bring him the meatloaf, acting like a tiger on social media.  Tell ya what, Palooka, why don’t you put your phone down and bring the pain.  I haven’t heard what happened at BO this morning, but I promise you, that Richard Simmons bullshit don’t fly at Apex Skate Park.  You gleam the cube Dogtown style, or you go home.

Gilligan (What up GSO, go Pirates!), Chinese Downhill, Snots, Sour Mash, Grease Monkey, Burt, Chanticleer, Compound W, Ma Bell, Shut In, Open Out, Sky Blue, Wonderbread, Water Wings, YHC, and countless others to whom YHC extends apologies for not listing here realized that in a war of Qs, you always choose pain.  Always.  Iron sharpens iron men, and those who braved Apex Skate Park this morning can cut through anything the rest of today.  Because YHC came to bring the pain.

Warmup – Lap around soccer fields, come back to skate park, parkour through the skate park, walking balls to the wall on the quarter pipe

The Thang – SABAN V MCCANTS  (20 cadence count (cc) Standard Merkin, 25 cc American Hammer, 25 Burpees oyo, 25 cc American Hammer, 20 cc Nolan Ryans, lap around soccer fields, walking balls to the wall on the quarter pipe, 20 cc V Up Rollup, 25 cc Mountain Climbers, 25 cc Crab Cakes, 20 cc Carolina  Dry Docks, loop around soccer fields, 25 cc American Hammers, 25 cc Nipplers, loop around soccer field, 10 Tony Hawk Burpees oyo, 10 cc Standard Merkins.

What’s that?  We have more time? Fellowship run to rock pike for curls, presses, and extensions.  Billy run back.  100 cc LBCs.

Prayers go up to Gilligan and CD’s mom, and to those two amazing men as well.

YHC out.  Bring it, Saban.

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