Flirtin' With Disaster

Sweatin’ to the Oldies

Playlist for The Gathering

Whipping Post – Allman Brothers 1969 (5:18)

Flirtin’ With Disaster – Molly Hatchet 1979 (4:58)


Playlist for The Thang

Whole Lotta Rosie – AC/DC 1977 (5:32)

Merkins x 21 IC = 42 (Rosie’s chest measurements)

SSH x 19 IC +1 OYO = 29 (Rosie’s waste)

Rosalita x 28 IC = 56 (Rosie’s hips)

As the song says, “she’s a whole lotta woman”

Rock & Roll Band – Boston 1976 (2:59)

Rock work with double merkin roll to rotate to new rock

Curls, Tricep extensions, Rock press, Rock row x 10 IC

Drop Dead Legs – Van Halen 1984 (4:14)

Lunge walk from rock pile to dragon

Squat ladder

Tunnel of Love – Dire Straits 1980 (8:13)

TOL x 2 with long mozy to kill the last 2 minutes of the song

Mary Jane’s Last Dance – Tom Petty 1993 (4:32)

Partner up (pre-determined in The Gathering)

AMRAP WW2s while one partner runs a lap. Flapjack until song is over

Gimme Shelter – Rolling Stones 1969 (4:29)

Picnic shelter for bench work

Irkins, Derkins, Dips x 10 IC. Repeato

Balls to the Wall – Accept 1983 (5:41)

One partner does BTTW against fence while other partner runs to the balls in the lot and back to the “wall”. Flapjack and repeato, repeat

We’re an American Band – Grand Funk Railroad 1973 (3:26)

Merkins and American Hammers

Done with partner and throw in a lap after each set

Rosalita – Bruce Springsteen 1973 (6:59)

Rosalita x 20 IC

Mozy to Shovel Flag

Merkins x 30

Rosalita x 10 IC

Have a Nice Day




F3 Dads – June 17 at Bond Park Community Center 8 am

Shut In needs help migrating back blasts to Carpex hosted WordPress

Prayer Concerns

Molly’s wrist (Saban’s 2.0)

Hello Kitty’s aunt

Mayhem’s son at marine boot camp


I had a lot of fun planning this one and glad the PAX generally seemed to enjoy it. Things were moving quickly to try to keep up the pace of the playlist.

Great to meet Mayhem, who is the good friend of a co-worker friend of mine that posted twice about a year or so ago. I was never sure whether he was named The Quiz (another UNC academic scandal dig) or The Gwizz (Pack wrestler). He felt good about his original effort but then Bartman threw an epic beatdown on him at A Team and he was sore for a week. I am counting on Mayhem’s support to get him back out.

Rosalita has to be one of the best “get in a good mood songs” ever

It was funny to see Large coming in hot and on Fluoride’s tail. Fitting that we partnered them up.

Hello Kitty knows the “oldies”

Props to FNG 1099. He was a little late and probably was very confused about what was going as he had to pound out 42 merkins off the bat. But the man has a 1 month old! Congrats and hope to see you again soon.

Until yesterday, I had always assumed that AC/DC sang Balls to the Wall. Turns out it was some German band that I had never heard of that just sounds like AC/DC. Saban correctly pointed out that Big Balls would have been a great choice for that set.

This new wordpress takes a little getting used to, but in the long run, it will be nice.

Always an honor to lead this fine group of men.


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