Shakin Not Stirred

Mutual Birthday Q – Can you smell what the ROCK is cookin’

Eagerly anticipating my VQ, I awoke at 4am and couldn’t go back to sleep.  Birthday VQ, co-Q with Ma Bell, our illustrious Nan Tan.  Rolled in to Bond Park about 15 minutes early to setup cones for the workout in the parking lot; realizing I could just of used the parking lots lines instead.  Live and learn.  Already waiting for mumblechatter regarding what the cones were for.  Got my rocks set up and placed a record sized Weinke under said rocks.  Then off to meet up with the other PAX.  Upon arriving, some of the EC PAX were rolling in from a 4 mile run.  Hermes, shirtless, gave yours truly a long sweaty slimy birthday hug.  He slimed me.  Delicious.  At least he didn’t squeeze his headband out on me.


The Warm-up

Ma Bell has us run around the parking lot one time, then circle up for 42 SSH in cadence.  Many complaints regarding calf pain at about #30.  Run a little further, circle up for 52 low-slow flutters. More complaining.  Run a little further, circle up for 42 squats.  Run a little further, circle up for 52 merkins.  Have you figured out I’m 42 today and Ma Bell is 52?

The Thang

Ok, my turn to Q.  Can you smell what the Rock is cookin.  Rocktoberfest.  Jenny from the Rock.  Keep on Rockin in the Free World.  Rock your body.  Rock on.  Ok, enough.  Directed PAX to get a big rock and a small rock.  Mosey over to the large parking lot.  Pass out the Weinkes.  Constant belittling regarding the Weinke.  7s Variation:

  • Travelling Rock Exercises to 1st cone
    1. Walking Lunge
    2. Side Shuffle with Bicep Curl
    3. Side Shuffle with Lateral Raise
    4. Speed Walk with Alternating Shoulder Press
    5. Bear Crawl with Rock Toss (small rock)
    6. Rock Snatch with Tricep Extension
    7. Alternating side step Squat with Burpee every other squat
  • Drop yo Rock at 1st Cone
  • Sprint to 2nd Cone
  • Exercise at Far End: SSH 4-count
  • Sprint back to 1st Cone
  • Repeat travelling rock exercise to start point
  • Exercise at Near End: Star Jump
  • Plank until all complete
  • 10 count plank
  • Repeato in 7s fashion

Ok, that didn’t take as much time as I thought.  Maybe 11’s next time with 4 more Rock-tastic exercises.  Fellowship run to large shelter.  Everyone get your own picnic table.  Picnic table deadlifts.  16 count on my up.  Ma Bell gets in one round of derkins.  Fellowship run back to the parking lot.  Halfway there, Rio rolls an ankle.  Dammit.  A couple of PAX stay back to help carry him.  Rest of us head back to put up the rocks.  Random Billy-Runs along the way to the Senior Center.

Mary – nope, we ran out of time.




Name-o-rama with lot of respects.  FNG young guy.  Welcome Frappe.

Announcements regarding the convergence on June 3 at Pullen Park.

Prayers for many family members, those struggling with tough times, those who need healing, those who recently received bad news, etc.  Just puts everything in perspective with how lucky we are in Cary/Apex and that we get to come together to workout and share these concerns with each other.

YHC took us out.  See you next time in the gloom.


  • should have brought some music for the 7s.
  • Nature Boy called me out on the cones – surprised it wasn’t Burt
  • many Weinke comments
  • Rio, use the RICE method on that ankle
  • picnic table deadlifts, which I made up, are going to be part of my Q’s from now on
  • Franklin noticed I was all business this morning


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